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The most effective way to turn your Asia Miles into plane tickets

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The most effective way to turn your Asia Miles into plane tickets

The advanced strategy on converting your Asia Miles

The Beginner’s Guide to Asia Miles article should provide you some basic knowledge on how to redeem your miles. We invited miles expert, Siu Sze, to introduce a more advanced strategy on converting your Asia Miles to take you fly further.

Never miss out on a free one-way ticket

Redeeming your Asia Miles for a one-way ticket enables you to choose a different stopover without a limit on the amount of time you can spend there. If you choose Hong Kong as your stopover destination and choose before and after destinations which are not the same country / region, then the equivalent miles for a one-way ticket can be exchanged for a return ticket and a departure ticket instead, making it two journeys.

Example 1:

A one-way ticket from Osaka only requires 10,000 miles, but now you can also enjoy an additional free trip to Bangkok. You’ll only need to exchange an additional ticket from Hong Kong to Osaka (10,000 miles) and another from Bangkok to Hong Kong (10,000 miles). With the equivalent of 30,000 miles, you’ve managed to secure a round-trip ticket to Osaka and another to Bangkok; as opposed to redeeming it separately for 10,000 miles more.

One-way ticket redemption
+ Stopover
March: Osaka – Hong Kong 10,000 miles 10,000 miles
September: Hong Kong – Bangkok 10,000 miles 0 mile
Total miles required: 20,000 miles 10,000 miles
Example 2:

Usually, 30,000 miles would only allow you to exchange for a one-way ticket to London, but now with the same mileage you can redeem the equivalent of a ticket to London plus another to Seoul.

One-way ticket redemption
+ Stopover
April: London – Hong Kong 30,000 miles 30,000 miles
October: Hong Kong – Seoul 10,000 miles 0 mile
Total miles required: 40,000 miles 30,000 miles

This method allows you to use Asia Miles’ [multi-city] flights redemption booking system via the website

Mixed Cabin redemption makes Business Class seats more worth it

When you book a one-way ticket with a stopover, Asia Miles will base the flight journey’s distance on the one-way ticket to calculate the price. Combining an Economy Class ticket with a Business Class ticket can help reduce the miles required for the latter. For example, if you have the opportunity to redeem a one-way Business Class ticket to Japan + a one-way Economy Class ticket to Taiwan, it actually requires less mileage than a single one-way Business Class ticket to Japan!

Example 1:
One-way ticket redemption
+ Stopover
Itinerary Tokyo – Hong Kong (Business Class) Tokyo – Hong Kong (Business Class)

Hong Kong – Taipei (Economy Class)

Miles 25,000 miles 21,800 miles
Example 2:
One-way ticket redemption
+ Stopover
Itinerary Paris – Hong Kong (Business Class) Paris – Hong Kong (Business Class)

Hong Kong – Bangkok (Economy Class)

Miles 65,000 miles 59,000 miles
This method cannot be redeemed online, but only via the Asia Miles hotline.

Reducing your return ticket’s distance

If you’re flying long-distance — such as North America or Europe — and then add a stop over before saying back to the city nearest to Hong Kong, such as Japan or Taipei, you’ll be able to save a lot on the number of miles required!

Round-trip to New York

One-way ticket redemption
Hong Kong – New York (Business Class) 85,000 miles
New York – Hong Kong (Business Class) 85,000 miles
Total Miles required 170,000 miles

After New York, you can add a stopover to head to Tokyo for a short getaway before returning to Hong Kong. You’ll not only get to enjoy an additional destination, but also use lesser miles for your return trip to Hong Kong.

+ Stopover
Hong Kong – New York (Business Class)

New York – Tokyo (Business Class)

90,000 miles
Tokyo – Hong Kong (Business Class) 25,000 miles
Total Miles required 115,000 miles

This method allows you to use Asia Miles with this method via Asia Miles’ [multi-city] function on Asia Miles online

Now that you know the inside tips of Asia Miles redemption of flight tickets, apply immediately for the Standard Chartered Asia Miles Mastercard, where you can earn welcome offer of up to 40,000 Asia Miles with an earn rate of as low as HKD0.2 = 1 Asia Mile. After our welcome offer, you’ll still be able to earn Asia miles at HKD4 = 1 Asia Mile when you spend overseas or online with your card.


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