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Remarks for Referee

  1. The promotion period is from1 October 2019 to 31 December 2019, both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period“).
  2. The Online Member-Get-Member Referral Program consists of Priority Banking Online Member-Get-Member Referral Program, Premium Banking Online Member-Get-Member Referral Program AND Salary BonusPack Online Member-Get-Member Referral Program (each an “Online Referral Program”, collectively, the “Online Referral Programs”). Additional Terms and Conditions apply to each of these Online Referral Programs. There may also be additional requirements be fulfilled under each of the Online Referral Programs. For details, please refer to the Additional Terms and Conditions in the Terms and Conditions or check with our Bank’s staff.
  3. To be eligible to participate in the Priority Banking Online Member-Get-Member Referral Program or Premium Banking Online Member-Get-Member Referral Program, the Referee(a) must NOT hold any product or service with or distributed by the Bank (including but not limited to deposit account, investment services and insurance products underwritten by third party insurer) in the past 12 months from the date of signing up for the New Service(s) (as defined in paragraph 5 below); and(b) must sign up for the New Services(s) as the Primary Account Holder either in sole name or joint name of the New Service(s). For the avoidance of doubt, the requirement in this paragraph 3 does not apply to the Salary BonusPack Online Member-Get-Member Referral Program. For the purposes of this paragraph 3, holders of Standard Chartered Credit Cards (as defined in paragraph 4 below) will not be deemed as holders of products or services with or distributed by the Bank.
  4. Standard Chartered Credit Cards” refer to Standard Chartered Credit Card or MANHATTAN Credit Card issued by the Bank, including supplementary cards, Standard Chartered Business Card and Standard Chartered Corporate Card.
  5. New Service(s)” refers to newly applied Priority Banking, Premium Banking or Salary BonusPack plans with the Bank.
  6. Referee must (i) successfully complete the Online Application Form (the “Online Application Form”) for one or more of the New Service(s) the Referee wishes to apply through designated web page as stated in the email or via the hyperlink in the email received and forwarded by Referrer, and input a referral number received from the referrer at the time of submission of the Online Application Form during the Promotion Period; and (ii) fulfil any additional requirements specified in the additional Terms and Conditions of the respective Online Referral Programs. Referees are encouraged to review the full sets of Terms and Conditions of the Online Referral Programs for all the details.
  7. Referee who applies for designated banking services, including Priority Banking, Premium Banking and /or Salary BonusPack, upon successful submission of the Online Application Form, he/she will be required to bring all the required documents specified on the Online Application Form with the Referral Number, to any of the Bank’s branches within 14 days to complete the account opening process.
  8. For Referee who has successfully signed up for Priority Banking, if the average daily Relationship Balance of Referee within the quarter falls below the amount determined by the Bank, quarterly maintenance fee will be charged. For details, please refer to the Service Charges booklet and Banking Terms & Conditions which can be obtained at any of the Bank’s branches or at our website
Priority Banking HKD1,000,000 HKD900
  1. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and the Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.