Breeze Home delivers up-to-date property information, valuations, a mortgage calculator and a stress test straight to your iPhone/Android phone, making buying a home a breeze.

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Breeze Home

Breeze Your Way to a New Home!
Property Search
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How do you know you've found the perfect home or investment choice if you haven't seen a comprehensive listing? Breeze Home gives you access to over 100,000 properties for sale in Hong Kong and shows them in your preferred choice of list view, map view or reality view. You can also set your preferred search criteria to view your matching properties at ease.

Mortgage Calculator

Breeze Home gives you a convenient mortgage calculator. It'll let you know how much to repay in simple steps.

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Property Valuation

breeze home valuation

Once you've found your desired property, please tap on "Valuation" to get its property valuation indication, as well as the relevant loan amount and monthly repayment amount for your easy reference.

My Profile

Breeze Home helps you calculate your maximum affordable mortgage loan amount with the option of using stress test. Plus, it keeps a record of your search preferences and affordability on your own mobile device, and shows you the matching properties whenever you need them, saving you from entering the same information over and over again!

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Home-Buying Tips & Warm Reminder

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Breeze Home offers you professional tips and warm reminders in every step of your home-buying process, to help you make the right moves.

Watch List

Too busy to hunt for property in your preferred financial range? Just add your preferred properties to Watch List and set a target property valuation threshold. Breeze Home will alert you with a push notification when your target property valuation indication is reached!


There are so many things to keep in mind when making one of the biggest purchases in your life! Breeze Home thinks like you and offers a smart "Calendar" feature, which reminds you of the important dates and events in your home buying process. Just sit back and relax!

Market News

Want the latest market news to help you make the big decision? It is just a tap away!

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