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Merchant Name Bill Account Description Bill Type Description Remark
05-001 611 Bread of Life Christian Church Ltd Offering Number 01 Tithe
02 Building Fund
03 Mission, Church Planting
04 Education Fund
05 Leadership Institute
05-047 A Drop of Life Limited 8-digit Donor I.D. or Contact Telephone Number 01 Water Projects
02 Education Projects
03 Poverty Relief Projects
04 Emergency Relief Projects
05 Local Services Projects
05-002 ADRA Day Time Contact Number 01 Donation for Emergency Management & Rehabilitation
02 Donation for Poverty Alleviation
03 Donation for Environmental Protection
04 Donation for Primary Health Care
05 Donation for Any Project in need
05-003 Agency For Volunteer Service 8 Digit Telephone Number 01 Donation
02 V-Walk & V-Run Donation
03 Share to Care Donation
05-136 AIDS Concern Contact Number    
05-161 Alliance Bible Seminary Contact Number 01 General Fund
02 Bursary / Scholarship Fund
03 China Ministry
04 Campus Extension / Maintenance
05 Online Ministry Donation
05-163 Beam International Foundation Limited Contact Number    
05-004 BGCA Telephone Number    
05-005 BREAKTHROUGH Donor Number. If no donor number, please insert your phone number 01 General Offering
02 Salary Support
03 Fundraising Activity
05-006 Buddhist Lodge of Laity Contact Telephone Number 01 Donation
02 Course Deposit
03 Activity
04 Membership Fees
05 Others
05-007 CBN Hong Kong Ltd 8 digits Telephone Number 01 Donation to CBN HK's Operating Expenses
02 Donation to Operation Blessing
03 Donation to TV Production Cost
04 Other Donations
05-137 CCM Christian Mission Limited Contact Number 01 General Donation
02 Literature Ministry Donation
03 Mission Donation
04 Support Missionaries
05 Other Donations
05-008 Chi Heng Foundation Mobile Phone Number or Contact Phone Number    
05-119 Children Life Stimulation Organisation Mobile Phone Number 01 General Donation
02 Others
05-118 Children's Cancer Foundation Contact Telephone Number    
05-009 Children's Medical Foundation 8 Digit Mobile Phone Number    
05-010 Chinese Bible International Ltd Telephone Number 01 Donation
02 Purchase Payment
03 Seminar Fee
04 Other Fee
05-126 Chinese Christian Herald Crusades Limited Contact Number    
05-012 Christian Action Contact Phone Number 01 General Donation
02 Children's Home in Qinghai
03 Refugees Programme
04 Domestic Helpers Programme
05 New Arrivals Programme
05-127 Christian Communications Connected Limited Contact Phone Number    
05-013 Christian Communications Limited Contact Number 01 Donation Support
02 Course/Seminar
03 Tour
04 Membership
05 Other Activities
05-151 Christian Prison Pastoral Association Contact Number    
05-128 Diabetes Hongkong Contact Number 01 General Donation
02 Walk for Diabetes
05-015 ECO Association 8-digit telephone number for donation or 9-15 digit number for payment 01 ECO Donation
02 Student Lunch Fee
03 Flu Vaccine Fee
04 ECO Activity
05 ECO Souvenir
05-162 Egive For You Charity Foundation Contact Number
05-121 Elderly Health Care Service Center Limited Mobile Phone Number 01 Rice Donation
02 Interest Class Donation
03 Celebration
04 Picnic
05 Administration
05-016 Evangel Children's Home Contact Number 01 Donation of ECH Sponsorship Programme
02 Donation of Recurrent Support
03 Donation of Day Care Services
04 Donation of Youth Home Service
05 Donation of Other Items
05-158 Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service-Hong Kong Contact Number
05-017 Families of SMA Charitable Trust 8 Digit Telephone Number    
05-018 Fanling Assembly of God Church Member Number or Phone Number 01 Tenth Offerings
02 Thanksgiving Offerings
03 City of God Offering
04 Missionary Offerings
05 Other Offering
05-019 Far East Broadcasting Co Ltd 8-Digit Contact Number 01 General Fund
02 Electricity Expenses
03 Program Production
04 Follow-up Ministry
05 Unreached World
05-138 Friends of Caritas Contact Number 01 Caritas Charity TV Show
02 Donation to FOC Activities
03 Other Donations
05-021 Friends Of The Earth (HK) 8-digit Telephone Number    
05-022 Fu Hong Society Telephone Number    
05-023 Goodnews Communication International Ltd Telephone Number 01 Sale
02 Donation
05-095 Grace Charity Foundation Contact Phone Number
01 Student Subsidy
02 Poor Orphans
03 Poor Teachers
04 Village Clinics
05 Others
05-108 Grace Community Church Membership Number or Telephone Number
01 Tithes Offering
02 Building Fund
03 Youth Minister Training Fund
04 Mission Fund
05 Others
05-024 Gratia Foundation Contact Telephone Number 01 Donations to Gratia
02 Child Sponsorship
03 Educational Scheme
05-025 Greenpeace Donor Reference Number or Telephone Number    
05-131 Habitat For Humanity Donor Number. If no Donor Number, please insert your Phone Number 01 General Donation
02 Disaster Relief
03 China Program
04 Hong Kong Program
05 "Friends of Habitat" Regular Giving Program
05-026 Hans Andersen Club Telephone Number or Membership Number 01 A Donation to Hans Andersen Club
02 After-school-care program - am/pm session at DBW Centre
03 After-school-care program - evening session at DBW Centre
05-134 Harmony House Limited Contact Number    
05-027 Haven of Hope Christian Service 8-digit Phone Number 01 Caring for Elders
02 Caring for Disabilities
03 Community Health Development
04 Spiritual Care Service
05 Other Service
05-109 Heifer International - Hong Kong Donor Number or Telephone Number 01 One-off Donation
02 Monthly Donation
03 Event Sponsorship
05-029 HER Fund 8 digit Phone Number 01 One-Off Donation
02 Share Talent Course Fee
03 Others
05-030 Hong Chi Association Donor's Reference Number or Contact Phone Number    
05-031 Hong Kong AIDS Foundation Telephone Number    
05-032 Hong Kong Association of Christian Missions 10-digit Invoice Number or 8-digit Phone Number 01 Donation
02 Books
03 Courses and Activities
05-152 Hong Kong Association of the Deaf Contact Number 01 One-off Donation
02 Monthly Donation
05-146 Hong Kong Campus Crusade for Christ Contact Number 01 Donations
02 Camp Fee
03 Course Fee
04 Others
05-034 Hong Kong Christian Service Contact Number 01 Hong Kong Christian Service's Social Welfare Projects
02 The Fundraising Events
03 Monthly Donation
05 Publication Orders
05-035 Hong Kong Christian Short Term Mission Training Centre 6-digit Payment Number or 8-digit Phone Number 01 Donation
02 School Fee
03 Activity Fee
04 Product Fee
05-036 Hong Kong Church Renewal Movement Day-time Contact Phone Number 01 Donation
02 Activity
03 Service
05-132 Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth Contact Number    
05-037 Hong Kong Neuro-Muscular Disease Association Limited 8 Digit Telephone Number 01 Donation
02 Membership Fee
05-038 Hong Kong Playground Association 8 digits Telephone Number    
05-096 Hong Kong Rabbit Society 8 Digits Phone Number    
05-039 Hong Kong Red Cross Donor Reference 01 Int'l Relief One-off Donation
02 China Relief One-off Donation
03 Local Relief One-off Donation
04 General One-off Donation
05 Regular Donation
05-148 Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power Contact Number    
05-153 Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Limited Contact Number 01 Disadvantaged Families
02 Elderly in Need
03 Person with Medical Needs
04 Mental Rehabilitation
05 Emergency Assistance
05-040 Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children Donor Number or 8-digit Telephone Number 01 Donation to HKSPC
05-097 Hong Kong St John Ambulance Bill Number    
05-100 Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation Mobile Number    
05-041 Hope Worldwide 8-digit Telephone Number 01 Donation
02 Fee
05-042 Ho-Sum Organisation Limited Contact Telephone Number    
05-123 Hyacinth Services Center for the Elderly Limited Mobile Phone Number    
05-141 International Care Ministries Limited Contact Number 01 General Donation
02 Transform Program
03 Education Programs
04 Malnourished Children Outreach
05 Mercy Programs
05-139 Ladder Mission Contact Number 01 FEEDS courses
02 Kingdom institute courses
03 Other courses or activities
04 Donation for general expenses
05 Other donation
05-044 Life Gospel Ministry Limited Eight Digits Contact Telephone Number 01 Donation
02 Course and Camp Fee
03 Sales
04 Member Fee
05 Others
05-045 Life Workshop Contact Number 01 Donation
02 Program Fee
03 Others
05-046 Lifeline Express 8 digits Telephone Number    
05-140 Lions Kidney Educational Centre Contact Number 01 General Donation
02 Flag Day Donation
03 Walkathon Donation
04 Chinese Opera Donation
05 TVB Show Donation
05-142 Little Life Warrior Society Contact Number    
05-048 Make-A-Wish Foundation 8 Digit Phone Number    
05-049 Medecins Sans Frontieres Donor Code    
05-050 Medicare Resources Limited Mobile Phone Number 01 Operation Fund
02 Education & School Facilities
03 Community Development
04 Medical Care
05 Church Development
05-051 Midland Charitable Foundation Telephone Number    
05-052 Network J Int'l Contact Number 01 Donation
02 Seminar
03 Purchase Ticket
04 Purchase Product
05-104 Noah's Ark Ministries International Limited 7 Digit Member Number for Angel Heart Program or 8 Digit Contact Phone Number & ignore the alphabet 01 Noah's Ark Ministries - Angel Heart Donation
02 Other Donation
05-135 One Circle Donor Number. If no Donor Number, please insert your Phone Number 01 Ministry Donation
02 Staff Salary Donation
03 Course Fee
04 Programme Fee
05 Product Sale Payment and Copy Right Donation
05-053 Operation Blessing Hong Kong 8 Digits Telephone Number 01 Education Sponsorship
02 Medical Assistance
03 Disaster Relief
04 General Funding
05 Administration Expenses
05-149 Operation Mobilisation (HK) Contact Number 01 General Donation
02 Staff Support
03 Ethnic Minorities Ministry
04 Training Ministry
05 Hostel Ministry
05-054 ORBIS Donor Number    
05-056 Oxfam Hong Kong 8 digit contact phone number for emergency appeal or 12 digit Oxfam Donor Number for others 01 Oxfam's Development Programmes
02 Oxfam China Development Fund for work in China
03 Oxfam Education Fund for education projects
04 Oxfam Emergency Appeal
05 Monthly Instalment as an Oxfam Partner
PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School - Donation Telephone Number    
05-159 Plan Hong Kong Contact Number 01 General Donation
02 Emergency Donation
03 Donation to Girls Fund
05-057 Po Leung Kuk Donor Number 01 Child Sponsorship
02 Friends of Po Leung Donation
03 Care for the Elders Fund Raising Project Donation
04 General Donation
Power of Love Ltd Telephone Number    
05-058 Produce Green Foundation Contact Number During Office Hour 01 Donations
02 Activities Payment
03 Organic Farmers' Scheme Rent
04 Others
05-160 Regeneration Society Contact Number    
05-059 Rehabaid Society Phone Number or Invoice Number 01 Donation without receipt
02 Donation with receipt
03 Payments for Purchase or Service Utilization
05-106 Rescue Centre For Abandoned Pets 8-Digit Contact Phone Number    
05-060 Revival Christian Church Ltd Donor Number 01 Tithe Donation
02 Building Donation
03 Mission Donation
04 Charity Donation
05-103 Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong Telephone Number or Donor ID    
05-061 SAHK Contact Phone Number or 12-digit Enrolment Code 01 Donation
02 Course Fee Payment
05-062 Senior Citizen Home Safety Association Account Number or Donor Number 01 Call & CareServices-Bill Type 01
02 Donation
03 Easy Home
04 Call & CareServices-Bill Type 04
05-063 Shatin Baptist Church Membership Number 01 Worship Day Offering
02 Church Development Fund
03 World Mission Fund
04 Thanksgiving
05 Sales
05-064 Sik Sik Yuen Donor's 8-digit Phone Number 01 Sik Sik Yuen Charities Work Donation
02 Temple and Religious Donation
05-065 Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA) Donor Reference or 8-digit telephone number 01 Donation
02 Sponsorship Fee
03 Annual Membership Fee
04 Lifetime Membership Fee
05 Family Membership Fee
05-066 Society of Rehabilitation And Crime Prevention, Hong Kong 8-digit Telephone Number    
05-067 SPCA (HK) 8-digit Phone No. or Membership No. 01 Donation
02 Membership Subscription
03 Animal Sponsorship Programme (ASP)
04 Cat Colony Care Programme (CCCP)
05 Red Pocket Donation
05-068 The Child Development Centre 7 Digit Account Number or 8 Digit Day Time Contact Number 01 Donation
02 Bill Payment
05-145 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Donor Number    
05-069 The Comfort Care Concern Group Telephone Number 01 Donation
02 Tuition Fee
03 Programme Fee
04 Membership Fee
05-070 The Community Chest of Hong Kong Donor ID    
05-124 The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society Mobile Phone Number    
05-071 The Hong Kong Cancer Fund Donor Number or 8-digit Contact Phone Number 01 Monthly Donation (Circle of Friends)
02 One-Off Donation
05-072 The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Telephone Number    
05-073 The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation Donor's 8-digit Telephone Number 01 Donation
Bill Account Number 02 Membership Subscription
03 Rehabus Scheduled Route Service
05-074 The Hong Kong Society For The Aged 8-digital Contact Telephone Number & ignore the alphabet    
05-122 The Hong Kong Student Aid Society Limited Payment Number 01 Donation
02 Other Payment
05-154 The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon Contact Number 01 General Donation
02 Caring Fund
03 Special Educational Needs
04 Ethnic Minorities
05 Voluntary Services
05-075 The Media Evangelism Ltd 7-digit member number for Angel Heart Program or 8-digit phone number for others 01 Angel Heart Donation
02 Other Donations
03 Other Donations
05-076 The Oaks 8 digits Mobile Phone Number 01 Donation
02 Membership fee
03 Course Fee
04 Program Fee
05-077 The Salvation Army Telephone Number    
05-078 The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong Telephone Number    
05-156 The Society for AIDS Care 6-digit Donor Number or 8-digit Contact Number 01 Donation
02 Special Project
04 World AIDS Day
05-079 The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children 8-digit Telephone Number 01 Donation
02 Appeal Donation
03 Christmas Card
04 Raffle Ticket
05 Event
05-080 The Society for Truth and Light Contact Number 01 Donate-Society for Truth&Light
02 Enrollment fee
03 Donate-Life&Ethics Studies Ctr
04 Other fees
05-107 The Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Social Service Customer Number 01 Carewell - Home Care Services
02 (ShamShuiPo District) NSCCP
03 (Central & Western) NSCCP
05-143 The Youth Foundation Donor Number. If no Donor Number, please insert your Phone Number    
05-083 Tien Dao Publishing House Ltd Contact or Mobile Phone Number 01 Publication Donation
02 Bookstore Development Donation
03 Staff Salary & Admin Donation
04 Activity Charges
05-084 Tien Dao Worldwide Christian Media Telephone Number 01 Donation
02 Sales Payment
03 Activities
05-147 Tung Lin Kok Yuen Contact Number 01 Dharma Activities
02 Wang Fat Ching She
03 Education Fund
04 Conservation Fund
05 Social Services Fund
05-085 Tung Wah Group of Hospitals 8-digit Telephone Number 01 Free Medical Services Donation
02 Education Services Donation
03 Community Services Donation
04 Tung Wah's Development Projects Donation
05 Tung Wah Charity Gala Donation
05-125 UNICEF Telephone Number 01 Worldwide Programme
02 China Children's Health Fund
03 Emergency
05-144 United Christian Medical Service Contact Number 01 General Donation
02 UCMS Charity Month
03 Friends of UCMS Charity
05-086 United Hearts Youth Foundation Telephone Number    
05-087 Volunteer Space 6 digits Member Number or 8 digits Telephone Number 01 Child Sponsorship
02 VS Partner
03 Donation
04 Emergency Appeal
05 Activity
05-110 Watoto Hong Kong Limited Contact Number 01 Sponsorship Programme
02 Regular Donation
03 One Off Donation
04 Watoto Merchandise Charity Sales
05-089 World Vision Hong Kong Partner Number 01 Child Sponsorship Programme
02 World Vision China Partners
03 World Vision Partners
04 Emergency Relief
05 General Donation or Other Programme
05-090 Worldwide Bible Society Telephone Number 01 Donation
02 Sales Payment
03 Activities
05-091 WWF Hong Kong Personal 8 digit Telephone Number 01 General Donation
02 Membership Payments
03 Event Fees
04 Entrance Fees
05-092 Xuan Yuan Education Fund Association 8-digit Telephone Number 01 Rebuild or Expand China Schools
02 School Sponsorships and Scholarships
03 Administrative Subsidy
04 "Show You Our Care" Program
05 Others
05-093 Yan Chai Hospital 8-digit Telephone Number    
05-105 Youth Outreach Telephone Number 01 Donation
05-155 Yuen Long Baptist Church Offering Number 01 General Fund
02 Thanksgiving
03 Missionary Fund
04 Development Fund
05 Benevolence
The transaction limit via Online Banking is defaulted as HKD0 for newly registered Online Banking customers. Effective 25 August 2013, your transfer limit will be reset to HK$0 if you haven't successfully performed that type of fund transfer via Standard Chartered Online Banking and Breeze Mobile Banking for the past 13 months. To increase the limit, please download an application here and submit the completed application form to any Standard Chartered Bank branches.

Effective from 24 July 2015


1. Settlement of bills of Banking and Credit Card Services/Credit Services/Securities Broker with your Standard Chartered credit cards or Manhattan credit cards will be treated as cash advance. Handling fee and interest will be charged according to the prevailing rate shown on the credit card fee schedule of the credit card account being used for payment, or other notices provided by Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited from time to time. Such interest will be charged from the date of payment until the date of actual repayment of your credit card account.
2. One Bonus Point will be awarded for such fixed amount of HK$ expenditure as shall be specified by the Bank from time to time. For this purpose, expenditure shall be the amount shown under “Purchases” (excluding bill payment transactions made through Standard Chartered Bank Online Banking, Standard Chartered Bank Phone Banking or JET Payment Service, cash advances, annual fee, finance charges, other charges and tax payment via phone banking services or Standard Chartered Online (under separate reward scheme to be announced by the Bank from time to time) on each monthly Credit Card statement. Only Bonus Points shown as available on the latest issued monthly statement of a Cardholder are redeemable.
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