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Merchant Name Bill Account Description Bill Type Description Remark
27-023 Caritas Bianchi College of Careers Bill Number 01 Tuition Fee
02 Enrolment Deposit
03 Hostel Fees
04 Other Academic or Administrative Fees
27-022 Caritas Institute of Higher Education Bill Number 01 Tuition Fee
02 Enrolment Deposit
03 Hostel Fees
04 Other Academic or Administrative Fees
27-018 China Holiness Church Living Spirit College Student Card Number & ignore the alphabet    
27-020 Chu Hai College of Higher Education Payment Number 01 Tuition Fees
02 Application Fees
03 Admission Related Fees
04 Student Union Fees
05 Other Fees
27-002 City University of Hong Kong Student or Bill Number 01 Fees
02 Payment from Alumni
03 SCOPE Course Fees
04 Miscellaneous Charges
27-021 Community College of City University Student Payment Number 01 Fees
27-019 Hang Seng Management College Bill Number 01 Tuition Fee
02 Boarding Fee
03 Miscellaneous
27-003 HKU School of Professional & Continuing Education Bill Number    
27-004 Hong Kong Arts Centre - Hong Kong Art School Student Number & ignore the alphabet 01 Tuition fee for award-bearing programmes
02 Tuition fee for short courses
27-005 Hong Kong Baptist University Debit Note Number 01 Tuition Fee
02 Hall Fee
03 Locker Rental
04 SCE Tuition Fee and Misc. Fee
05 SCE Application Fee
27-006 Lingnan University Payment Reference 01 Tuition Fee
02 Hostel Fee
03 Air-Conditioning Meter Fee
04 Miscellaneous Fee
27-007 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Student Account Number, Payment Reference Number or Student ID Number 01 Tuition Fee/Hostel Fee/Student Unions and Related Fees
02 Transcript, Certifying Letter and Report on Curriculum Details Fees
03 Examination Fee, Course & Unit Exemption Fee
04 Retention Fee, Thesis Binding & Microfilming Fee
27-008 The Community College at Lingnan University Payment Reference 01 Tuition Fee
02 Retake Fee
03 Registration Fee
04 Miscellaneous Fee
27-010 The Education University of Hong Kong Student Number or EPN 01 Tuition & its related fees
02 Hostel & its related fees
03 Miscellaneous fees
04 Students' Union Membership Fee
05 Summer residence fees
27-009 The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Payment Number 01 Tuition Fee, Caution Money and Student Union Fee
02 Hiring Fee for Venues and Facilities
03 Other Charges
04 Donation
27-011 The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Student Number or Application Number 01 Tuition / Hall / SU / Related Fees
02 Application / Admission Related Fees
27-012 The HongKong Polytechnic University Debit Note Number    
27-013 The Open University of Hong Kong PPS Payment Number    
27-014 The University of Hong Kong 14 digits Bill Account Number 01 Composition Fee
03 Hall Fee
05 Loan Fund
06 Other Fees
27-015 Tung Wah College Bill Number    
27-016 Vocational Training Council Application Fee Payment No. for Course Application or Bill Account No. printed on Payment Advice. For Event Fee / Donation, please refer to the payment instruction 01 Application Fee For Courses
02 Tuition Fees
03 Fees for Student Services
04 Event Fee / Donation
05 Other Fees
27-017 VTC School of Business and Information Systems Application Fee Payment No. for course application or Bill Account No. printed on payment advice 01 Application Fee for Courses
02 Tuition Fees
03 Fees for Student Services
05 Other Fees
The transaction limit via Online Banking is defaulted as HKD0 for newly registered Online Banking customers. Effective 25 August 2013, your transfer limit will be reset to HK$0 if you haven't successfully performed that type of fund transfer via Standard Chartered Online Banking and Breeze Mobile Banking for the past 13 months. To increase the limit, please download an application here and submit the completed application form to any Standard Chartered Bank branches.

Effective from 24 July 2015


1. Settlement of bills of Banking and Credit Card Services/Credit Services/Securities Broker with your Standard Chartered credit cards or Manhattan credit cards will be treated as cash advance. Handling fee and interest will be charged according to the prevailing rate shown on the credit card fee schedule of the credit card account being used for payment, or other notices provided by Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited from time to time. Such interest will be charged from the date of payment until the date of actual repayment of your credit card account.
2. One Bonus Point will be awarded for such fixed amount of HK$ expenditure as shall be specified by the Bank from time to time. For this purpose, expenditure shall be the amount shown under “Purchases” (excluding bill payment transactions made through Standard Chartered Bank Online Banking, Standard Chartered Bank Phone Banking or JET Payment Service, cash advances, annual fee, finance charges, other charges and tax payment via phone banking services or Standard Chartered Online (under separate reward scheme to be announced by the Bank from time to time) on each monthly Credit Card statement. Only Bonus Points shown as available on the latest issued monthly statement of a Cardholder are redeemable.
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