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Use your Standard Chartered credit card to fly to your favourite destination with Singapore Airlines. Enjoy up to Rp3.000.000 MAP voucher from your travel transaction.

For every Rp10.000.000 transaction, you are eligible to get Rp1.000.000 MAP voucher. You can have multiple transaction to get more voucher value, with maximum value of Rp3.000.000.

For ticketing, please call Singapore Airlines call center (021) 52997 888 or visit For more information, please call Standard Chartered 24-hour Customer Care at (021) 57 9999 88 or 68000.

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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
  • Applicable to Rp10.000.000 transaction, valid for multiplication, during promotion period.
  • Only applicable for ticket purchase on Singapore Airlines website or at Singapore Arlines’ ticketing office.
  • Eligible Standard Chartered’s Visa Infinite and MasterCard Wordmiles’ holders will get Rp500.000 MAP voucher.
  • Eligible Standard Chartered’s other cards holders will get Rp300.000 MAP voucher.
  • The maximum value of given MAP voucher is Rp3.000.000 for all transaction.
  • The MAP voucher will be sent to customers 2 months after end of the promotions.
  • Applicable to all Standard Chartered credit card holder, except for Classic card holders.
  • Airlines terms and conditions apply.

Standard Chartered Bank is a banking institution that is licensed, registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority.

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