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Standard Chartered Titanium Credit Card

The Standard Chartered Titanium Credit Card allows you to celebrate life with a wide variety of entertainment privileges

  • discounts from other promotions all year long

  • for your retail transactions anytime, anywhere

  • through automatic conversion of cash back points


Save more with cash back up to 3%

  • Enjoy cash back 0.1% unlimited and additional 3% on groceries and gasoline* The more you spend, the more cash back you earn*) with conditions:
    • (i) min. spend IDR 3,000,000 per monthly billing statement
    • (ii) max. cash back IDR 100,000
  • More benefits from other promotions In addition to cash back, you get additional discounts from other promotions all year long

More flexibility to do perform transactions anytime and anywhere

  • For all retail transactions Get cash back benefits on all of your retail transactions
  • For retail transactions anytime Cash back benefits on every transaction anytime, every single day of the week and unlike any other cash back promo, this benefit has no expiration
  • For retail transactions anywhere Enjoy cash back in all merchants (domestic and international)

More convenient

All of your accumulated retail transactions will be automatically calculated into your cash back benefit


  • Primary Card: 21-65 years old
  • Supplementary Card:17-70 years old
  • Minimum Income:IDR 5 million per month
  • Lives in Indonesia
  • Has another credit card from other bank
  • Stays and works in Standard Chartered Bank’s Trading area

  • Transactions included in the calculation of the cash back amount are for retail transactions only, and not included EZ Bill monthly bills, SteadyPay/SteadyPay by Phoe/Cash on Phone monthly installment.
  • Transactions that are not included in the cash back calculations are all cancelled retail transactions, annual fee, cash advance, EZ Bill monthly bills, SteadyPay/SteadyPay by Phone/Cash on Phone monthly installment, interest, fees and charges.
  • Cash back is calculated for every transaction that is printed in the billing statement and will be credited to your credit card within 1 (one) day after billing statement date (in transaction month). Cash back amount will be displayed in the proceeding month of billing cycle.
  • To be eligible for cash back, Standard Chartered Titanium Credit Card must be in active state and not in blocked condition.
  • 21% per year
  • Primary : IDR 500,000 per year
  • Supplementary : IDR 250,000 per year
  • 6% or IDR75.000 (whichever is higher)
  • 10% of monthly billing statement or IDR 50,000 (whichever is higher)
  • Free Annual Fee 1st Year (T&C Apply)

Enjoy zero percent instalment interest with any time period of your choice to buy any products you want in selected merchants.

This facility allows you to get cash from your Standard Chartered Credit Card to your desired bank account with certain interest in any time period of your choice.

Compile all of your monthly bills into just one Standard Chartered Credit card bill.

*Only for selected customers.

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