Provides life insurance benefit and guaranteed investment benefit

Product of Jiwasraya

  • Death and permanent disability benefit due to accident during 5 year insurance contract.
  • Bonus of death benefit due to illness for 1st year policy, without additional charge fee.
  • Application without Medical Check Up requirement.
  • Guaranteed annual investment benefit.*
  • Cash Back from Standard Chartered Bank.
  • Flexibility. Customers might be able to withdraw fund without withdrawal fee in yearly policy anniversary.
  • FREE accident insurance benefit amounting to 20% of beginning coverage amount until end of insurance contract, although customers has withdrawn 100% of fund from Jiwasraya.
  • * Up to January 2014, guaranteed investment benefit of Super Jiwasraya Plan is 10% p.a.
    ** Terms & Conditions apply.

Product Summary
Description Details
Insurer PT. Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero)
Policy Type Individual and applicable for Keyman Insurance
Insurance Contract Period 5 years
Investment Period 12 months
Investment Benefit Every end of investment period and be able to be rolled over from principle fund (single premium) and or from principle + interest (cash value).
Premium Payment Type Advanced single premium
Currency Type
Premium Minimum per policy IDR 50,000,000,-
The use of multiple per policy IDR 50,000,000,-
Maximum per policy IDR 5,000,000,000,-
Insured Age Limit (M/F) 18 - 65 Years Old
Policy Holder Age Limit > 17 Years Old
Protection Benefit Death not due to accident in 1st year of policy.
Coverage Amount 100% Single Premium, at maximum per Insured of IDR 5,000,000,000,-
Coverage Amount Bonus, Term Life 1st Year
Single Premium Coverage Amount
IDR 50 Mio to IDR 950 Mio IDR 20 Mio
IDR 1.000 Juta to IDR 2.950 Mio IDR 50 Mio
IDR 3.000 Mio to IDR 5.000 Mio IDR 100 Mio
Coverage Amount Balance (ADB/TPD) 20% Single Premium, applied for policy that is not rolled over (full surrender).
Coupon Interest 10% p.a as of January 2014 (guaranteed on 1st year). For further information about the rate, please kindly contact our Relationship Manager.
Investment Penalty 7.5% x Principle (without interest at that year)
Application Requirements
  • Have an account at Standard Chartered Bank.
  • Fill insurance application form and provides all required documents.
  • Information Summary about the insurance products we deliver based on information provided by the insurance company . If there are differences with the policy document or other insurance document issued by an insurance company please refer to documents issued by the insurance company
  • This insurance product published by PT Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero).
  • PT Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero) is registered and supervised by the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK)
  • This product is not a bank product and not the product of deposits in Standard Chartered Bank so that it does not contain any obligation and is not guaranteed by the Standard Chartered Bank and is not included in the scope of the deposit insurance program by LPS as intended and regulated in Law No. 24/2004 on Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation.
  • Standard Chartered Bank (Bank) acts only as a party who distribute this product and is not responsible for the insurance policy issued by PT Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero) with respect to the insurance products. Standard Chartered Bank is not an agent of PT Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero) or broker of a customer of Standard Chartered Bank. Bank does not bear or not bear the risks arising from the insurance.
  • Summary of Product Information This just illustrates the general information and is not a policy, Explanation of Benefits and Provisions detail referring to the General Terms and Conditions Super Special Policy Jiwasraya Plan.
  • Sales person who sell the product is certified AAJI License and registered under Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK)

Information Center, Complaint and Service Policy
PT. Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero)
Call Center: +62 211500151

Purchasing of insurance policy is a long-term commitment. An early termination of the policy usually involves high cost and the surrender value payable may be less than the total premium paid. The contents of this document do not constitute a contract of insurance and reference should be made to the respective policies. The contents of this document also do not constitute an offer to buy or sell an insurance product or service. The contents are also not intended to provide any insurance or financial advice. Insurance product described in this webpage is a product of and guaranteed by PT. Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero) and not responsible of Standard Chartered Bank. Standard Chartered Bank shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever regarding your application or the contract of insurance.

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