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    Mutual fund is a pool of funds raised from public investors to be invested in a portfolio of securities managed by respective Investment Managers.

  • Diversification
    Mutual funds provide instant diversification at a reasonable cost which will distribute risks to a variety of instruments which at the same time will reduce of exposure due to pre-existing market volatility.
  • Managed by Professionals
    Funds will be managed by professional investment manager from well experienced Asset Management Companies.
  • Liquidity
    Your mutual funds investments can be redeemed anytime, in which the prices of the each mutual fund will normally be provided on daily basis .
Type of funds
  1. Money market Funds
    • Investment direction: 100 % in money market instruments, such as : deposits , SBI , and other short-term debt.
    • Has the least investment risks compared to other types mutual funds available.
    • Suitable for short-term investments and those investors who are risk averse.
  2. Fixed Income Funds
    • Investment direction: min 80 % in fixed income instruments.
    • Suitable for investors who seek higher return from fixed deposit
    • The composition of the investment of the fund is focused on instruments that offer fixed return such as debt securities ( bonds ) and money market instruments.
    • Historically this type of mutual fund growth is relatively more stable and lower fluctuations than equity funds.
  3. Balanced Funds
    • Investment direction : between 20 % - 80 % in fixed income,equity or money market instruments.
    • These funds are designed for investors who wish to gain from both equities and fixed income instruments.
    • Rate of return on investment fluctuated from year to year but relatively more stable as compared to equity funds.
  4. Equity Funds
    • Investment direction : min 80 % in Equity instruments.
    • These type of mutual funds are most appropriate for investors who pursue investment growth in the long-term period.
    • Rate of return on investment varies and tends to fluctuate from year to year in line with market conditions and the economic development.
PT. Ashmore Asset Management Indonesia Ashmore Dana Progresif Nusantara Equity
Ashmore Dana Ekuitas Equity
PT. Bahana TCW Investment Bahana Dana Infrastruktur Balanced
Bahana Dana Likuid Money Market
Bahana Dana Prima Equity
PT. BNP Paribas Investment Partners BNP Paribas Ekuitas Equity
BNP Paribas Prima II Fixed Income
BNP Paribas Pesona Equity
BNP Paribas Equitra Balanced
BNP Paribas Solaris Equity
BNP Paribas Spektra Balanced
BNP Paribas STAR Equity
BNP Paribas PRIMA USD Fixed Income
BNP Paribas Infrastruktur Plus Equity
BNP Paribas Rupiah Plus Fixed Income
BNP Paribas Astro Equity
PT. Eastspring Investments Indonesia Eastspring Investments Alpha Navigator Equity
Eastspring Investments IDR High Grade Fixed Income
PT. First State Investments Indonesia First State IndoEquity Sectoral Fund Equity
First State Indonesian Balanced Fund Balanced
First State Indonesian Bond Fund Fixed Income
First State IndoEquity Dividend Yield Fund Equity
First State IndoEquity Opportunities Fund - USD Equity
First State Indonesian USD Balanced Plus Fund Balanced
PT. Mandiri Manajemen Investasi Mandiri Investa Aktif Balanced
Mandiri Investa Ekuitas Dinamis Equity
Mandiri Investa Pasar Uang Money Market
Mandiri Investa Atraktif Equity
PT. Manulife Aset Manajemen Indonesia Manulife Obligasi Negara Indonesia II Fixed Income
Manulife Dana Kas II Money Market
Manulife Pendapatan Bulanan II Fixed Income
Manulife Dana Campuran II Balanced
Manulife Dana Saham Equity
Manulife Greater Indonesia Fund Equity
Manulife Syariah Sectoral Amanah Equity
Manulife Small Mid Cap Plus Equity
PT. Schroders Investment Management Indonesia Schroder Dana Mantap Plus II Fixed Income
Schroder Dana Terpadu II Balanced
Schroder Dana Kombinasi Balanced
Schroder Dana Prestasi Plus Equity
Schroder Dana Prestasi Equity
Schroder Dana Likuid Money Market
Schroder Dana Istimewa Equity
Schroder USD Bond Fund Fixed Income
Schroder 90 Plus Equity

Performance Comparison Between Mutual Fund Products

Source: Bloomberg, as of 3 Dec 2015

Money Market Bahana Dana Likuid BTCWLKD IJ Equity 0.60 1.79 3.67 7.79 6.82 7.33
Money Market Mandiri Investa Pasar Uang MANINPU IJ Equity 0.56 1.62 3.31 6.64 6.03 6.26
Money Market Manulife Dana Kas II MANKAS2 IJ Equity 0.53 1.61 3.31 6.76 6.12 6.41
Money Market Schroder Dana Likuid SCHDLKD IJ Equity 0.54 1.52 2.90 5.92 5.43 5.66
Fixed Income Eastspring IDR High Grade RKDEIHG IJ Equity 1.96 6.01 3.20 2.85 0.00 2.00
Fixed Income First State Indonesian Bond Fund FSIBOND IJ Equity 1.52 4.96 3.26 3.80 0.23 2.87
Fixed Income BNP Paribas Prima II CITROB2 IJ Equity 1.91 5.96 3.27 2.75 -1.14 2.33
Fixed Income BNP Paribas Prima USD BNPPUSD IJ Equity -0.84 0.68 0.58 -0.37 -1.50 0.21
Fixed Income BNP Paribas Prima ASIA USD BNPASUS IJ Equity -1.04 0.51 -1.81 -1.13 -3.01 -0.84
Fixed Income BNP Paribas Rupiah Plus CIRUPLS IJ Equity 0.36 1.10 2.43 5.38 4.83 4.99
Fixed Income BNP Paribas Dolar Plus BNPDOPL IJ Equity 0.03 0.26 0.20 0.37 0.00 0.45
Fixed Income Manulife Obligasi Negara Indonesia II MAHOIN2 IJ Equity 1.84 5.74 3.21 1.99 -1.54 1.18
Fixed Income Manulife Obligasi Unggulan MAHOUNG IJ Equity 2.05 5.84 4.07 2.88 0.41 2.42
Fixed Income Manulife Pendapatan Bulanan II MANPBU2 IJ Equity 0.53 1.34 2.67 4.52 3.05 4.27
Fixed Income Manulife USD Fixed Income MANUFIX IJ Equity -0.76 0.16 -0.52 -0.20 0.00 0.48
Fixed Income Schroder Dana Mantap Plus II SCHMAP2 IJ Equity 1.63 5.26 3.13 3.44 0.01 2.71
Fixed Income Schroder USD Bond Fund SCHUSBD IJ Equity -0.35 0.26 0.04 0.08 0.64 0.34
Balanced Bahana Dana Infrastuktur BTCWDFI IJ Equity -0.63 2.14 -6.69 -8.44 3.65 -8.51
Balanced First State Indonesian Balanced Fund FSIBALA IJ Equity 0.57 3.25 -0.73 -1.75 3.46 -2.19
Balanced First State Indonesia USD Balanced Plus Fund FSIUSBP IJ Equity -1.75 5.21 -8.46 -17.03 -5.62 -17.01
Balanced BNP Paribas Equitra FOREQUI IJ Equity 0.52 1.24 0.26 0.25 4.10 -0.12
Balanced BNP Paribas Spektra FORSPEK IJ Equity 0.46 -0.11 -0.40 -3.86 1.76 -4.54
Balanced Mandiri Investa Aktif MANAKTI IJ Equity 1.30 5.76 -2.78 -5.71 2.44 -6.68
Balanced Manulife Dana Campuran II MANCAM2 IJ Equity 1.51 5.42 -2.84 -7.12 -0.73 -7.80
Balanced Schroder Dana Terpadu II SCHTER2 IJ Equity 0.87 5.50 -1.97 -1.68 3.69 -3.46
Balanced Schroder Dana Kombinasi SCHKOMB IJ Equity 0.55 2.03 2.82 7.10 6.91 6.69
Equity Bahana Dana Prima BCTWPRI IJ Equity 1.05 5.37 -8.61 -16.03 -1.07 -16.36
Equity Eastspring Investments Alpha Navigator RKDSEAN IJ Equity -0.87 -1.57 -15.77 -21.05 0.04 -23.00
Equity First State IndoEquity Sectoral Fund FSISECT IJ Equity 0.85 5.84 -8.74 -15.46 0.45 -15.58
Equity First State IndoEquity Opportunities Fund USD FSIEOFU IJ Equity -1.92 8.86 -12.85 -25.37 0.00 -24.53
Equity First State IndoEquity Dividend Yield Fund FSIEQDY IJ Equity -2.14 6.05 -8.30 -11.07 2.70 -12.28
Equity BNP Paribas Ekuitas CITEKUI IJ Equity 1.22 6.28 -5.86 -11.99 1.94 -12.60
Equity BNP Paribas Pesona MFIPERI IJ Equity 1.41 6.85 -5.45 -11.61 2.03 -12.27
Equity BNP Paribas Solaris FORSOLA IJ Equity -1.59 4.45 -14.20 -25.32 -4.85 -25.74
Equity BNP Paribas Infrastruktur Plus FORINPL IJ Equity 0.75 4.67 -11.55 -23.03 0.11 -23.46
Equity BNP Paribas STAR BNPPSTA IJ Equity 1.84 3.67 -8.59 -12.67 -1.05 -13.68
Equity BNP Paribas Astro BNPSTRO IJ Equity -1.05 10.91 -10.42 -22.81 0.00 -22.80
Equity Mandiri Investa Atraktif-Syariah MANISYA IJ Equity -0.85 1.65 -13.54 -17.31 -5.43 -18.28
Equity Mandiri Investa Atraktif MANTRAK IJ Equity -1.24 5.98 -10.59 -13.55 -2.01 -14.85
Equity Mandiri Investa Ekuitas Dinamis MANIEDI IJ Equity -0.13 1.18 -18.92 -31.94 -9.32 -32.40
Equity Manulife Greater Indonesia Fund MANGIFT IJ Equity -1.72 7.25 -12.88 -25.03 -9.77 -25.06
Equity Manulife Sectoral Syariah Amanah MANSSEK IJ Equity -2.88 4.49 -11.06 -14.50 -0.20 -15.94
Equity Manulife Small Mid Cap Plus MANSMCP IJ Equity -1.69 1.88 -15.97 -25.02 0.00 -24.94
Equity Manulife Dana Saham MANSHAM IJ Equity 0.29 5.56 -9.51 -16.06 -0.51 -16.52
Equity Schroder Dana Prestasi Plus SCHPPLU IJ Equity 0.56 6.11 -5.20 -5.01 5.01 -6.58
Equity Schroder Dana Prestasi SCPDPRI IJ Equity 0.18 5.53 -6.00 -6.77 6.28 -8.56
Equity Schroder 90 Plus SCHEQ90 IJ Equity 0.40 6.02 -6.63 -7.38 4.46 -9.03
Equity Schroder Dana Istimewa SCHISTI IJ Equity -1.86 4.59 -10.47 -8.62 3.84 -11.57
Equity Ashmore Dana Progresif Nusantara ASHPRON IJ Equity -1.95 6.01 -10.09 -15.07 0.00 -15.62
Equity Ashmore Dana Ekuitas Nusantara ASHEKNU IJ Equity -1.47 5.91 -7.89 -10.67 0.00 -11.62
Equity Ashmore Dana USD Nusantara ASHDUEN IJ Equity -3.27 11.42 -8.98 0.00 0.00 0.00
Mutual Fund Performance Report & Prospectus

To find out more about the mutual fund investment products that we offer, you can download a Fund Factsheet and Prospectus that is provided in the yard manager Standard Chartered investment partners:


In this term Bank shall act as Mutual Fund Selling Agent. Mutual Fund is a capital market’s product and it is not the Bank’s product, therefore it is not guaranteed by the Bank and neither included in the scope of products of Government Guarantee or Savings Guarantee. All the figures or graphics (if any) is for illustration purposes only. Mutual Fund do not have a guaranteed revenue and all investment shall consist a risk.

The past performance of any Mutual Fund is not the reflection of the performance in the future. Prices may rise up and down and you have the possibility for not having the amount of fund that you have invested.

This report is made only for the purposes of obtaining information and shall not consist of any offer or invitation to buy the Mutual Fund units. The application for buying the unit shall only applied using the provided application form. Investor shall read the prospectus in details. Products and services which are stipulated in this report may not suitable for any investor and you are advised to seek for an independent financial opinion prior conducting any investment.

Any individuals who is the resident of a country whereby the fiscal regulation in domestic or international investment is still remain active, is advised to seek for legal advice or local professional opinion. An Investor who put his investment in Mutual Fund using foreign currency shall be aware on the risk of currency movement which may impact a loss of fund

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