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About Us

We’re Here for good

We create aviation finance solutions that are right for our airline clients, ranging from tailoring cost-efficient, lease-based, asset-based and debt financing.

Who we are and what we do

We are a leading international banking group, with a presence in the world’s most dynamic markets. Our purpose is to drive commerce and prosperity through our unique diversity, and our heritage and values are expressed in our brand promise, Here for good. With more than 86,000 employees and a presence in 60 countries and territories in Europe and Americas (E&A), Asia, the Middle East and Africa, our network serves customers in close to 150 markets worldwide. We’re listed on the London and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges. Click here for more

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Standard Chartered in Ireland

Working closely with client relationship managers, Standard Chartered Aviation Finance offers client-led solutions to our airline clients. Based in Ireland with offices in Dublin and Limerick, it has a presence in Hong Kong, London, New York and Singapore. Our aviation business in Ireland owns and manages a portfolio of over 119 aircraft on lease to 48 of the world’s leading airlines. Globally, the business manages over 250 aircraft leased and financed to airlines worldwide.

Our product offering includes the provision of aircraft financing and leasing solutions, lease management and remarketing services to targeted clients on a global basis. We provide tailored advisory and financing solutions.

For more information on Aviation Finance, please visit us here.

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Standard Chartered in Europe and Americas

We have had a presence in Europe and the Americas for over 160 years, employing more than 5,000 people in 14 different countries. We take pride in our ability to bridge the physical distance between our clients based in the region who are looking to expand into and across our network, and vice versa. The Europe and Americas region is a centre of expertise for the Bank’s major product groups, allowing us to provide a wide range of services, platforms and capabilities to meet the growing needs of our clients.

As one of the bank’s fastest growing client franchises, our business across Europe and the Americas is pivotal to delivering the strategic aspirations of the bank. We opened our UK office in 1853 and our London headquarters is the main centre in Europe for Corporate & Institutional Banking client coverage.  It is also a booking centre, along with Jersey for our Private Banking business and Priority Banking and Retail Banking services are provided out of jersey and in the Falklands. Our EU hub, Standard Chartered Bank AG, which is located in Frankfurt, strengthens our presence across Europe and enables us to better serve our strategic and evolving European client base.  Standard Chartered is also present in multiple locations across North and South America, with our Americas headquarters located in New York. Our Americas franchise, through our Corporate and Institutional Banking business, is committed to providing financial products and services to multi-national corporations, financial institutions and development organisations. 

Our leaders in Aviation Finance

With an average of 22 years leasing industry experience, our Aviation Finance Business is led by an experienced Senior Management team who have managed multiple aviation cycles together.

The management team comprises of:

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Kieran Corr

Global Head, Aviation Finance and Country
CEO, Ireland

  • 28 years of industry experience
  • 23 years in Pembroke Capital / SCAF
  • Various leasing and risk management positions in GPA Group plc and GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS)
  • Trained as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG
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Chris Helme

Executive Director, Aviation Finance
CFO Ireland

  • Joined SCAF in Sept. 2017 from Pepper, formerly GE Money
  • Held a number of positions at GE Capital Bank & GE Money
  • Qualified as a chartered accountant at EY in 2003
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Peter Moylan

Managing Director, Aviation Finance
Head of Trading

  • 23 years of industry experience
  • 23 years in Pembroke Capital
  • Former CFO, Pembroke Group
  • Trained as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG
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William McCallum

Managing Director, Aviation Finance
Head of EMEA

  • 11 years of leasing and aviation industry experience
  • 11 years in SCAF
  • Former Lawyer, Hogan Lovells
  • Former Lawyer, Paul Hastings
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Andy Beer

Managing Director, Aviation Finance
Head of GCNA & ASA

  • 16 years of industry experience
  • 6 years in SCAF
  • Former SVP Marketing & GM Asia, Intrepid Aviation
  • Former VP Sales, AWAS
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Jonathan Howard

Managing Director, Aviation Finance

  • 19 years experience in the banking industry
  • 15 years with SCB across Singapore and London
  • Qualified as a chartered accountant at EY in 1999
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Jillian Kavanagh

Executive Director, Aviation Finance
VP of Lease Management

  • 20 years aviation lease management experience
  • 20 years in Pembroke Capital
  • Studies include BA in Public Administration and MA in European Integration
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Andrew Lawrence

Executive Director , Aviation Finance
Head of Americas

  • 27 years of industry experience
  • 3 years in SCAF
  • Former Commercial Director, AerFin Limited
  • Various senior positions in GE Aviation and RBS
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Gerard Kenneally

Managing Director, Aviation Finance
Chief Technical Officer

  • 37 years of leasing and aviation industry experience
  • 1 year in SCAF
  • Former CTO of Bank of China Aviation
  • Former SVP & Manager Technical Operation, GECAS