Choose the Right Card

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    An entertainment card designed to suit your exquisite lifestyle with exclusive discounts on movies and across dining, shopping, travel, body and beauty.


    Design your card the way you want and earn 10 times the rewards

  • Visa Infinite Credit Card

    Exclusive offerings for our Priority Banking Customer.

  • Preferred World MasterCard Credit Card

    Privileges for our Preferred Banking Customer.

  • Platinum Elite

    For frequent travelers and golfers.

  • Emirates Platinum Card

    Bonus miles for frequent travellers and golfers.

  • Manhattan Platinum Card

    Cash back and rewards whenever you shop.

  • Platinum Rewards Card

    For the financially smart spender.

  • Inner Circle Platinum Card

    Best suited for shopping enthusiasts, especially those who frequent Lifestyle and its affiliated store-brands.

  • Super Value Titanium Card

    Greater savings on fuel and telephone bills.

  • Gold Rewards

    Great rewards plus unmatched convenience.

  • Bajaj World Card

    A credit card that is tailor made to suit you and your lifestyle.

  • Bajaj Platinum Card

    A credit card that is best-in-class Platinum card and your dream shopping card