Electronic Clearing System

Standard Chartered introduces the Electronic Clearing System (ECS), an innovative facility for busy people. With this facility, your credit card bill is automatically debited from your savings account, so you don't need to worry about missing a payment.

And since this entire process happens through the Reserve Bank of India's electronic clearing mechanism, you can enjoy the advantages of ECS, no matter which bank holds your savings account.

Special Features
  • No need to write and send a cheque every month
  • No worries about payments being lost or delayed in transit
  • No more late payment charges
  • You can pre-decide what you want to pay every month, with an option of increasing the sum if you have surplus funds
  • Unlike other cards, your Standard Chartered card offers you the flexibility of choosing the amount you wish to pay with ECS. Just call our credit card helpline before payment is due and let them how much you want to pay for the month.
How to apply

To apply for this facility, simply download the required forms, submit Form A to your bank (where you maintain your account) and send Form B and Form C to Standard Chartered Bank (drop it off at any of our conveniently located cheque drop-off boxes or mail it to the address on the form).

Please enclose a photocopy of a blank cancelled cheque issued by your bank.