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Enjoy smooth, safe and convenient international transactions both online and abroad with your Standard Chartered credit cards.

Enjoy smooth, safe and convenient international transactions both online and abroad with your Standard Chartered credit cards.

Enjoy smooth, safe and convenient international transactions both online and abroad with your Standard Chartered credit cards.

Benefits of International Credit Card

An international credit card is just the right accessory to carry with you on your trip abroad. Here’s why:

Overseas transactions

Why let your travelling experience be marred by carrying wads of currency notes with you wherever you go? With an international credit card you can easily purchase merchandise over the counter using a POS device or via an online payment mode during your travels abroad.


The best credit cards for international travel offer fabulous discounts that can really perk up your travel itinerary. So take your pick from the hotels, food joints and other exciting options available to you at discounted rates!

ATM cash withdrawal

These cards ensure that you are never strapped for cash when you are abroad, by letting you withdraw money from ATMs. This is especially useful in places that do not use POS devices for card swiping. However, each card differs in their processing fee, currency exchange mark-up rates etc., so make sure to choose the best international credit card for your needs.

Fees and charges associated with International Credit Card

Standard Chartered credit cards, when used internationally, can incur a 3.5% overseas transaction fee, which includes the charge for conversion into INR that is paid to Visa/MasterCard. When you order merchandise from an establishment that is registered abroad while present in India, you may be charged 1% of the transaction by Visa/Mastercard. This fee will also be included in your statement as a part of the transaction amount.

International Credit Card FAQs

What is an International Travel Card?

International credit cards can be a convenient and effective mode of payment while travelling as opposed to carrying foreign currency or cheque books. To ensure your money is protected, the overseas card usage function is disabled on your Standard Chartered credit card by default, however, this function can be easily enabled online or via the SC Mobile app. In doing so, you will be able to withdraw cash from international ATMs as well as carry out swipe transactions. Nevertheless, even without activating the overseas card usage function, you can still carry out transactions at EMV chip enabled POS terminals and ATMs.

What are the key benefits of an International Credit Card?

International credit cards are extremely useful when you’re travelling to another country; you can use them for all your purchases and also at ATMs to withdraw cash when needed. You will find them indispensable when you’re on the go, especially thanks to all the incredible discounts on hotel stays, diners and other services that become available to you with their use.

What is the process to get an International Credit Card in India?

All credit cards that work on mastercard/visa can be enabled for international spending and you only need to submit a request at your bank to make this happen. Once you do so, you should be able to enjoy international transactions on your credit card within 24 to 48 hours.

Standard Chartered disables the overseas card usage function for all of its new, existing, replaced and renewed credit cards by default. This is done to protect your security and to that end, certain services may be disabled, such as the cash withdrawal feature from overseas ATMs as well as overseas credit card swipe transactions.

How do I avoid international credit card fees?

Here are a few simple ways to navigate around international credit card fees:

  1. A fail-safe way to avoid a foreign transaction fee is to ensure that you exchange currencies before you go abroad. While this method can save you money, it is also not advisable, due to the risk involved in carrying paper money on your person, as well as the possibility that you might run out of currency in an emergency.
  2. Before opting for a credit card, it is a good idea to compare the foreign transaction fee that comes with each and choose one that charges less. In the case of Standard Chartered, this fee is merely 3.5%, making for comfortably priced international credit cards.
  3. As much as is possible, do not use the ATMs when you are travelling outside your country. In the event that this becomes unavoidable, try to withdraw all the amount you need in one shot, so that you do not have to repeatedly pay the transaction fee.

Why did I get charged a foreign transaction fee?

If you make a purchase in a foreign currency using your credit card, you are likely to be charged a foreign transaction fee. This is applicable for debit cards as well. Try to avoid drawing cash from the ATMs abroad too, as this can also cost you a fee.