Payment Apportionment

Do you hold multiple credit cards with Standard Chartered?

If you have multiple credit cards/ EMI account with Standard Chartered with outstanding in more than one of them, we may apportion/ distribute the payment to clear the outstanding in order to keep your account in good credit standing. Mentioned below is the additional information on payment apportionment to help you decide on the mode of payment and allocation decision.

System Payment Logic on Apportionment / Distribution of payment across multiple cards/ EMI account

In the absence, of any specific information on payment apportionment, we will apply the funds first towards clearance of the Minimum Amount Due in respect of all Card/EMI accounts you hold with us. Thereafter, the excess payment will be allocated sequentially towards payment of the Card account with lowest balance. If any of your Card account is overdue, we reserve the right to prioritize payments to overdue accounts first as per our internal policy.

Request Total Amount Due Minimum Amount Due Payment Apportionment basis system logic Remaining Outstanding
Card 1 10000 500 2000 500 (MAD)+ 500 (Remaining payment toward card with lowest balance) 9000
Card 2 20000 1000   1000 (MAD) 19000
Total 30000 1500 2000 2000 28000
Register for Do Not Apportion

If you wish that the bank adhere to the instruction provided by you and not apply system logic for payment apportionment please call Phone Banking Unit or write to for one-time registration for opting out of apportionment actions. Once registered, the payment will be apportioned only on the basis of instructions given by you. This may lead to credit balance in one of your cards/EMI account.

To distribute the credit balance to your other cards, please call Phone Banking Unit or write to

Cheque Payment

If you have made payment through Cheque and wish to make payments to different credit cards/EMI account, you need to write the credit card numbers on the reverse side of the cheque along with amount payable against each one of them. The sum of allocated amounts must add up to the amount mentioned on the face of the cheque. Kindly ensure that the payment made is more than Minimum Amount Due across all the cards/ EMI account.

If you do not instruct us to split and divert the payment into different accounts, the payment will get allocated to different cards/EMI account on the basis of system logic to ensure your accounts remain in good credit standing.

Cash Payment

Cash payments can only be made at our Branches through the Teller counters using the credit card payment slip and payments for your statement outstanding needs to be made on one of your active card/loan account. The payments will get allocated to different cards/EMI account on the basis of system logic to ensure your accounts remain in good credit standing

Other Payment Modes

In cases where you have initiated payment on your credit card from other then , Cash / Cheque mode of payment. The payments will get allocated to different cards /EMI account on the basis of system logic to ensure your accounts remain in good credit standing.

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