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What is your credit card personality?

While the Rich dad’s son making money work for him, Poor dad’s son, was busy working for money. The difference in perception makes the difference of life. The old world school of thought may warn you of the downsides of living a “life of credit”, it makes a smart financial move to manage your credit and credit cards to your own advantages. Much depends on your lifestyle requirements and your spending habits. You wouldn’t need to change to own a specific credit card. Just own a credit card matching your personality. But the flip side of too many options is too much confusion.

Standard Chartered offers a bouquet of credit cards. Now it’s easier to make a pick based on your personality.
  • Smart Spender
    Smart Spender

    You don’t mind a luxury experience here and there but look out for value for money. With the best reward in the country Platinum Rewards credit card gives you added rewards for a lifestyle that goes beyond the mundane.

  • Manhattan Diva
    Manhattan Diva

    Whether you are on the go or just lazing in your apartment, you are nothing short of a stud in your own league. Even on a bustling day, your choice becomes the fashion rule and your style is envied. With no joining fee for the first year, Manhattan Platinum card comes with a spark as bright as yours. So when you want to live your life the Manhattan way, Manhattan Platinum is your perfect companion.

  • Relationship Retainer
    Relationship Retainer

    You never let go of the relationships that are special. Stay connected is your mantra, in person or through mobile. The Super Value Titanium card cash backs and savings on your fuel and mobile bills, while your busy managing the web of relationships.

  • Retail Roger
    Retail Roger

    The retail store loves you and you love them back equally. So when you go out for your next retail therapy session, the Inner circle platinum card, a lifetime free credit card, takes care of the monetary aspects through loyalty programs, while you enjoy your buys.

  • Travel Aficionado
    Travel Aficionado

    You have a destination in mind all the time. You love everything about the travel, from the smell of linen sheets in the hotel room to local flavor of each city. Yatra Platinum card from Standard Chartered makes your travel even more delightful with rewards and cash backs. Now you can go that extra mile to uncover a new land.

  • Fine Connoisseur
    Fine Connoisseur

    Fine dines and old wines go together very well. And who would know it better than you. You have a taste for all fine things that life has to offer. Preferred World card offers a lifestyle that goes beyond the mundane.

  • Extravagant Emirate
    Extravagant Emirate

    You ooze luxury and extravagance even while you travel. Anything less than that does not even touch you. If you have a lifestyle that is nothing short of ultra rich and uberluxury, Emirates Platinum card can pamper you on the go. Now indulge with a whiff of opulence.

  • Privileged Patrons
    Privileged Patrons

    You believe in long term relationships and Standard Chartered respects and admires you for that. For its priority banking customers, Visa Infinite card offers personalized services and unique privileges.

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Content Disclaimer


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