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Get those stunning French windows as a housewarming gift for yourself.

Presenting the Interest-Only Home Loan by Standard Chartered Bank

Interest Only Home Loan – Benefits
  • Monthly Outflow are

    Pay only the interest upto 36 months (Interest only period).

  • Cash Savings are

    Save more cash for other needs like home improvement, personal use etc.

  • Enjoy

    to commence monthly repayment earlier (Principal + Interest)

Interest Only Home Loan – Features

Lower Monthly Outflow

Pay only the interest upto 36 months (Interest only period). Full EMI consisting of the principal and interest will be payable after completion of the interest only period. Thus, automatically lowering your monthly outflow initially.

Improve your Cash Savings

Interestonly Home Loan helps in lowering monthly repayments for up to 36 months thus helping in boosting cash savings.

Better Cashflows

More savings means more cash in hand which can be utilized for home improvement, renovations, personal needs & more.

Enjoy Flexibility

You get the option to commence your EMI (Principal + Interest) earlier.

  • Interest Only Home Loan available only for Resident Indians
  • Loan Amount ranging from INR 35 Lakhs to INR 3.5 Cr
  • Flexible repayment tenure upto 30 Years for Salaried and 25 Years for Self-Employed.
  • Interest only period (applicable for Interest only Home Loan) means a period of 12, 24 or 36 months choosen by the borrower and mentioned in the Facility/Sanction Letter and in the loan agreement during which period only interest is payable on the loan amount.
  • In case the borrower has opted for interest only Home Loan, the borrower must pay only monthly interest during the interest only period. After the completion of the interest only period, the full EMI consisting of the principal and interest will be payable from the date set out in the agreement till the maturity or pre-payment of the loan
  • In Bengaluru the Interest Only Home Loan will be offered to only salaried clients