Seamless International Banking beyond borders.

Seamless International Banking beyond borders.

Boundaries do not constrain you. Nor would we.

Whether you are travelling overseas or settling in a new country, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions to meet your financial needs, onshore and offshore.1

Global recognition of you and your family1

When you qualify as a Priority Banking client 2 in any one country, your status will extend worldwide. This will allow you to enjoy the same privileges for your accounts in other countries. What’s more, your family will also enjoy the same recognition, whether they are living with you at home or overseas.

Designated International Banking centres worldwide

Designated International Banking centres worldwide

A warm welcome awaits you and your family at more than 200 Priority Banking or designated International Banking Centres across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Present your Priority Banking Infinite ATM-cum-Debit Card or Visa Infinite Credit Card and receive:

  • Use of our exclusive Priority Banking lounge facilities and/or
  • Local and offshore banking information upon request and/or
  • Preferential foreign currency exchange rates3
Pre-arrival account opening

As a Priority Banking client, your needs are always anticipated. For example, if you’re relocating to another country, you can enjoy the convenience of our pre-arrival account opening service. Simply provide us with your details ahead of time and, subject to local regulations, your new accounts will be opened and ready when you arrive.

Global Link – One-click access to your worldwide accounts

Our Global Link online banking feature instantly allows you to have a consolidated view of your Standard Chartered Bank accounts across geographies.

Free worldwide ATM network
  • Your Standard Chartered Bank Infinite ATM-cum-Debit Card is your passport to financial convenience as you can access your accounts and make cash withdrawals free of charge1 at Standard Chartered and Visa/Plus/Cirrus ATMs worldwide.
Emergency cash services

Unexpected accidents like losing your wallet can be most inconvenient, but not if you are a Priority Banking client. That’s because with a simple call to your home phone banking centre, we can arrange for emergency cash5 to be delivered to our Standard Chartered Bank Branches across Asia, US, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Middle East.

Foreign exchange discounts at Travelex6 worldwide

Present your Priority Banking cards and you will receive special discounts on foreign exchange at Travelex outlets in over 700 locations across 20 countries

Forex services

We have a dedicated treasury desk to cater to our client’ customized foreign exchange needs. With substantial experience in areas of Foreign Exchange, this unit will assist our clients with:

  • FX transaction execution at competitive prices
  • Easy access to market information via newsletters
  • Hedging their foreign currency investments
  • Invitation to client seminars on Financial Markets
International Banking for Non Resident Indians

International Banking for Non Resident Indians
Boundaries do not constrain you. Nor would we.
The International Banking program for Non Resident Indians has been designed to make it more powerful, exclusive and enjoyable to give you an exhilarating banking experience. The program offers convenience to our NRI clients to bank with us in multiple geographies*.
Key benefits of the program are

  • Single Relationship Manager to manage your banking relationship in multiple Standard Chartered locations*
  • Convenient and cost effective remittance solutions
  • Global Link - Consolidated online view of all accounts
  • International toll free number/s in multiple geographies* to offer phone banking solutions for all your India banking relationships.

* Available in select geographies. Terms and conditions apply

1 services or benefits may not be available in all countries and are subject to local regulations. Please contact your branch or your relationship manager for more details. All fee waivers, charges, exchange rates and services are subject to change at our discretion and may be adjusted from time to time.
2Eligibility criteria apply
3Only applicable to countries with preferential foreign exchange rates for local Priority Banking clients
4Clients will receive a fee rebate within approximately 7 working days of the date of the transaction. Upfront handling commission and cable charges are waived. Any other charges (if applicable) will apply.
5Emergency Cash Services: 1) Collection at Standard Chartered Bank branches – a) Limited to 1 transaction per month b) Limited to US$5,000 per transaction c) Handling fees, fees imposed by other banks, and other charges, if applicable, may apply. 2) Collection at Travelex outlets – a) You may only collect emergency cash from Travelex outlets if SCB does not have branches in a country b) Before collecting emergency cash, you will need to produce some form of identification (with your photograph on it) so that Travelex can verify your identity. c) Limited to 1 transaction per month d) Limited to US$2,000 per transaction e) Handling fees and other charges (if applicable) may apply f) Any exchange rate conversion will be effected at our prevailing rate of exchange for that currency or any rate prescribed by any relevant organisation involved in providing the emergency cash services. Fees imposed by other banks may apply.
6Subject to Travelex Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions apply. For more details, please contact your Relationship Manager.


  • ATM – Automated teller machine
  • Forex – Foreign Exchange
  • FX- Foreign Exchange
  • NRI – Non Resident Indian