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Landmark Platinum Rewards credit card– the perfect shopping card.

landmark card

Landmark Platinum Rewards credit card– the perfect shopping card.

Landmark Platinum Rewards credit card

Learn about the various benefits of using a Landmark Platinum Rewards credit card while shopping.

Landmark Platinum Rewards Credit Card - The Perfect Shopping Card

Every season is the season to be merry when you have the best rewards credit card in your wallet.  Why wait for the offer season when you can get up to 9x reward points while shopping the latest trends at Lifestyle, Max and Home Centre stores? Each time you walk into a Landmark-affiliated store with a Standard Chartered Landmark Platinum Rewards credit card, you are coming face to face with the chance to get some sweet reward offers!

There is no fun in shopping on a budget for your family and friends. Splurge a little extra, get lots of rewards, and put a smile on everyone’s face because the Landmark Platinum Rewards Credit Card knows how to make every passionate shopper happy. The Landmark Platinum Rewards credit card presents you with the opportunity to redeem the reward points at the store instantly at the Point of Sale (POS). In short, you have more reasons to feel happy about spending your money than ever before. Signing up for the Landmark Platinum Credit Card can get you gift vouchers worth INR 2,800. Click here to check your eligibility now!

Why is the Landmark Platinum Rewards Credit Card a Must-Have in Your Wallet?

The Landmark Credit Card offers up to 9x reward points on home and lifestyle shopping at the Landmark-affiliated stores. You can accumulate reward points while doing your daily grocery shopping, furniture, interior décor, and furnishing shopping as well. All users can enjoy reward points for every INR 900 they spend at Max, Lifestyle and Home Centre stores.

If you are thinking about adopting a healthier lifestyle, then the Landmark Credit Card makes it easier for you to substitute your junk food binges with farm fresh, and organic options from the SPAR grocery stores. Every time, you buy groceries from one of the SPAR outlets, you can enjoy up to 5% cashback per purchase. And that is not all! With Standard Chartered credit cards, you can enjoy scores of new offers and discounts every time you decide to dine out, go shopping and travel with the new Standard Chartered Good Life Privileges. Have a look to see the additional benefits that Standard Chartered brings to you.

Highlights that Make the Landmark Platinum Rewards Credit Card, the Perfect Card for Shoppers

Rewards, cashback offers, and discounts are not all of it; you can enjoy several additional services with your Standard Chartered Landmark Platinum Rewards credit card. Here is a glimpse of all the benefits that you can expect:

Redemption of rewards

You can redeem your cumulative reward points at any Landmark-affiliated store. Enjoy cashback offers and redeem reward points while shopping at Max, SPAR, Lifestyle and Home Centre.

Supplementary credit cards

Bring a smile to every member of your family. Get them lifetime free Landmark Platinum Rewards supplementary credit cards. You get to share all the credit card privileges with your family for free and gift BookMyShow vouchers worth INR 500.

EMI offers

With Standard Chartered, you can convert your big spends into easy instalments. Convert all payments above INR 5,000 with Kuch Bhi on EMI via SC mobile or Standard Chartered online banking. Along with flexible repayment tenures, you can now enjoy lucrative pricing options. Find out more!

Balance on EMI

The user can convert his or her entire outstanding balance of up to INR 5,00,000 to easy EMIs at zero processing fee. Know more.


This is an offer for all Standard Chartered credit card users, including the Landmark Platinum Rewards credit card. You can avail loans on your credit card of up to INR 5,00,000 within two days (via NEFT) with a flexible repayment period between 12 months and 60 months. Know more about it here.

Contactless credit card

Standard Chartered brings you the advantage of tap-and-go credit cards. No more long waits in checkout queues or paying in cash at the Landmark affiliated store.

Online transaction security

The Landmark Platinum Rewards credit card comes with 3D secure OTP verification system. Now, you can enjoy stronger protection for all your online purchases. Know more.

Digital payment platforms

You can use a variety of digital payment options including BharatQR, Samsung Pay and Barat Bill Payment Solution (BBPS). Click here to see all the various payment options available.

Online banking options

Check your card balance on the go with SC mobile and online banking options. To register, click here.

Balance transfer

Now transfer your card balance from other bank’s credit cards to your Landmark Platinum Rewards credit card. Users can transfer up to INR 5,00,000 at affordable interest rates. Find out more.

The Landmark Platinum Rewards Credit Card is ideal for all shoppers. If you love shopping, you should never forget to carry your Standard Chartered Landmark Platinum rewards credit card to the affiliated outlets in your city. This specially curated credit card makes online shopping and traditional buying sprees a lot more rewarding and exciting with the best cashback offers and rewards programmes in the market. What are you waiting for? Apply now!


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