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Shop till you drop with different offers on credit cards

Shop till you drop with different offers

Shop till you drop with different offers on credit cards

Shopping offers

Learn about the various shopping offers and deals available on your Standard Chartered credit card

Shop till you drop with different offers on board to get you excited

Shoppers always look for discounts and sale to make the most of their shopping experience. After all who doesn’t like to buy things at a cost lesser than the given retail price, or maybe get some cashback on purchase or probably win reward points? Getting that extra advantage always gives a kick. Taking all of this into account, Standard Chartered has few credit cards up its sleeve that will get you full value for your money. These credit cards come with benefits and are sure to get you excited.

Manhattan Platinum card

This credit card is every shopper’s delight, as it comes with a whole lot of benefits. This credit card is especially handy if you are someone who likes to shop at supermarkets to buy your daily necessities compared to local stores. So, if you find yourself hitting the supermarket every time you need something, it makes good sense to have a Manhattan Platinum credit card from Standard Chartered. You will get a 5% cashback at supermarkets when you purchase something with this credit card. That’s not all. You get 3x rewards when you use your credit card to buy anything from any other place. You can also enjoy a host of discounts and offers across dining, shopping, travel and more with the Standard Chartered Good Life programme, on your credit card. Sounds super cool, doesn’t it?

Ultimate card

The Ultimate Credit card is suitable for avid travellers, who like to pick things up on the way. Often when flights are delayed or there is a long layover, we spend time at the airport scouting through duty-free shops. Indeed, the best way to while away time is by shopping for your loved ones. And some of the airports across the world these days are no less than shopping malls, where you get every little thing you want. What if you got all this at a good bargain? With the Standard Chartered Ultimate card, you get 5% cashback on duty-free spends. What’s more is that this card comes with a host of travel, lifestyle, and dining benefits and can well add to your savings eventually.

Landmark Rewards Platinum card

This credit card is beneficial if you shop often at various Landmark affiliated stores such as Lifestyle, Max or Home Centre. While Max is known for garments of all sizes and shapes that come at very reasonable prices, Lifestyle and Home Centre stores are also quite popular. So whether its upholstery, cutlery, furniture or décor items, you get everything that is needed to do up your house. You also get a 5% cashback on your grocery shopping at SPAR stores.  The credit card also offers a host of discounts and offers across dining, shopping, travel and more with the Standard Chartered Good Life programme.

So take your pick from any of the above credit cards, and shop away to your heart’s glory without having to worry about high prices. To see all the credit cards we have to offer, click here.


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