Our focus on women’s sight

  • Our focus on women’s sight

Women are thought to be at a higher risk of developing avoidable blindness than men due to their longer life expectancy and lack of access to health and eye care services.

Two-thirds of blind people worldwide are women and girls - 80% of them live in the developing world. But men are twice as likely to access eye-care services as women. Some of our projects in India focus specifically on women in order to encourage more of them to proactively seek treatment.

Our Kolkata Urban Comprehensive Eye Care Project (KUCEC), project aims to eradicate avoidable blindness in the urban slums of West Bengal and seeks to reduce the vulnerability of children and women by strengthening infrastructure, establishing effective government links, developing the capacity of local groups, liaising with self-governing groups in the urban areas and sensitizing civil society on the various aspects of comprehensive eye care. While, in Delhi our vision centres are completely manned by women – all staff, community health workers, Vision Technicians are women. Not only are we helping women gain equal access to eye care services, we are also creating employment opportunities for them, thus empowering them.