Struggle and success story of a blind woman

  • Struggle and success story of a blind woman

45 year old Bimla Sau from Kolkata lost her husband 7 years ago. After the death of her husband, the responsibility of raising her 2 sons and 1 daughter lay completely on her shoulders.

To earn her livelihood and feed her children, Bimla Sau decided to restart the small streetside restaurant her husband used to run. To add to her misery, Bimal Sau realised that she was losing her eyesight. While cooking, she would add extra water or oil to the dishes, or serve food with flies or strands of hair in it, because of which customers stopped visiting her restaurant.

On consulting an eye specialist associated with "Seeing is Believing", she was advised to undergo a surgery, after which she would be able to see everything clearly and run her business efficiently. Today, with her eyesight back, she’s not only able to run her restaurant efficiently but also save money for her children’s future.