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Earn high interest with this currency-related investment

  • Earn a higher rate of interest than on conventional fixed term deposits
  • The potential to buy another currency at a better exchange rate than today
  • Choice of term - one week to a year
  • Choice of currency pair - including sterling, US dollars, euro, Japanese yen, Swiss francs and Australian dollars (other options also considered)
  • A minimum deposit of US$200,000 (or equivalent)
This is how it works

At Inception

  1. Deposit - You choose the initial currency. And how much you want to deposit. e.g. US$200,000
  2. Term - You make your deposit for an agreed fixed period. e.g. 1 month
  3. Conversion Currency - At the same time, you choose your alternative currency - the currency that the Bank could repay you in. e.g. Sterling
  4. Target Conversion Rate (TCR) - Depending on your requirements you select a rate that you would like your deposit currency to be converted at. If you would prefer to stay in your deposit currency you select an exchange rate that you believe your deposit currency will not strengthen to. e.g. $1.6000
  5. Interest rate - The enhanced interest rate you earn will depend on your TCR. The closer the TCR is to the current spot rate the higher the interest rate will be. e.g. 7.00%

At Maturity

  • Scenario 1 - Your deposit and interest will be repaid in the deposit currency (US dollars) if the spot exchange rate is above the TCR of $1.6000.
  • Scenario 2 - Your deposit and interest will be repaid in the alternative currency (Sterling) if the spot exchange rate is equal or below the TCR of $1.6000.

The above example uses a spot exchange rate of US$1.6200/£1.

Whatever happens at conversion you will always receive interest at the agreed enhanced rate.

Further details

For more information, please call your Client Relationship Manager. Alternatively please e-mail your enquiry using our e-mail form.

Principal Protected deposits
Enhanced interest whilst your capital is protected

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