Policy concerning Elimination of Antisocial Forces

  • Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) will never engage in financing for antisocial forces.
  • SCB will have no relationships whatsoever with antisocial forces.
  • SCB will refuse any unjustified demands by antisocial forces and will take legal measures, either to a civil court or a criminal one or to both, to such claims.
  • SCB will never negotiate in secrecy with antisocial forces, even if their unjustified demands are to conceal the matter related to any misconduct of the bank's own business activities or of its staff.
  • SCB will secure the safety of its staff as an organisation in its entirety while dealing with unjustified demands by antisocial forces.
  • SCB will establish close relationships with external experts, such as the police, Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan (Crime Syndicate), legal counsels, etc., in preparation for any unjustified demands by antisocial forces.

Standard Chartered Bank Japan

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