Financial Markets Overview

Award-Winning, Innovative Solutions

Standard Chartered Japan provides clients with innovative, appropriate solutions for managing cross-border interest rate and currency risks.

By leveraging our expertise gained through experience in local markets, our extensive global network and our excellent track record in emerging markets, we provide support for access both to key currency markets and to highly regulated local markets with low liquidity.

Specifically, we do a wide range of business including;

  • Foreign exchange funds and derivatives
  • Commodities
  • Credit
  • Project finance
  • Syndication
  • Corporate advisory services including M&A

We are a major clearer of Hong Kong and Singapore dollars and most other Asian currencies as well as US dollars, yen and other major global currencies.

In addition to strong currency settlement capabilities, our extensive network of branches across Asia, Africa and the Middle East enables us to provide powerful support for treasury operations wherever our clients do business.

Financial Markets (Global site)

Learn more about our award-winning solutions in equities, commodities, foreign exchange, capital markets, structured products and more by visiting our global site.

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