By enabling this feature:

  1. ( I grant consent to the bank to use my data for direct marketing through mobile messages channel), I agree and consent to receive marketing communications via notification hub and this overrides notwithstanding the listing of my contact number(s) or email address in the Do-Not-Call register (if any).
  2. I have read, understood and accept the Terms & Conditions as follows,

Terms & Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to your use of the Notification Hub service provided by Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited (“the Bank” or “we” or “Standard Chartered”).
  2. The Notification Hub service is provided as part of the Bank’s electronic banking services, and accordingly:
    1. These Terms are in addition to and shall be read with the Client Terms, our privacy notice published in our website and any other documents forming part of our banking agreement (and any reference to the terms and conditions of the Client Terms shall include reference to these Terms).
    2. The meaning of key words printed like this is explained in the Bank’s Client Terms unless defined in these Terms.The Client Terms may be accessed at
    3. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency, these Terms shall prevail over the Client Terms to the extent of such conflict or inconsistency.
  3. By using the Notification Hub service, you acknowledge and agree that:
    1. You shall receive notices and communications via the Notification Hub service (which utilises Push Notification) as the main communication channel by electronic means; we may send notices and communications to you in connection with our banking agreement using other communication channels by electronic means including by fax, email or SMS; and
    2. After you complete the registration process, in order for you to continue to use the Notification Hub service, you must ensure that Push Notification continues to be enabled on your mobile device for the mobile app and you have internet or mobile data connectivity.
  4. If you inform us that the security of your mobile app or security code has been compromised or that the electronic equipment which you use to access any electronic banking services is lost or stolen, we may require you to change the security code, re-register for the Notification Hub service or cease the use of the Notification Hub service.
  5. In addition to the disclaimers and your liability stated in our Client Terms (as found in the link above):
    1. We do not represent or warrant that the Notification Hub service will be accessible at all times, or function with any electronic equipment, software, infrastructure or other electronic banking services that we may offer from time to time.
    2. Unless a law prohibits us from excluding or limiting our liability, we are not liable for any loss you incur in connection with the use or attempted use of the Notification Hub service, or your instructions, or any unauthorised transactions through or in connection with the Notification Hub service.
    3. You shall indemnify us from all loss and damage which we may incur in connection with any improper use of the Notification Hub service.

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Insurance Products are distributed by Standard Chartered Insurance Agency Ltd (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bank), that is licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority as an

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Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya.

Meaning of words
Push Notification is a service provided by Apple and Google for their respective mobile operating systems i.e. iOS and Android respectively through which an iOS or Android mobile app can send a user facing messages/notification to the customer mobile device (who has installed the mobile app).