SC Keyboard Terms & Conditions

By installing and using SCB SC Keyboard (“SC Keyboard”), you acknowledge and agree that:

  • SC Keyboard is an electronic banking software that we license to you, to enable you to access specific electronic banking services from your mobile phone;
  • your use of SC Keyboard is subject to the prevailing terms applicable to your customer relationship with us, including but not limited to:
  • the Client Terms (and in particular, the electronic banking section of the Client Terms); and
  • the Product Terms (and in particular the Current/Cheque/Savings Account and Time Deposit Account Terms section of the Product Terms).

(hereinafter referred to as the “Relevant Terms”)

  • the electronic banking services that you are permitted to access via SC Keyboard remain subject to the Relevant Terms.

The meaning of key words printed in italicised fonts like this is explained in the Relevant Terms. Some additional key words that apply to the use of SC Keyboard are printed in bold font like this and are defined above.

Important Notes

SC Keyboard will only transmit data as it pertains to SC Keyboard features such as checking balances and making payments. This will be protected by the same bank level security as is provided in the Mobile Banking (App).

For normal keyboard use, we do not collect, process, store or transmit any keystrokes or personal data (such as passwords, credit card numbers, street address).