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Provide you with a world of opportunities

Special sign up offer

Obtain a Mastercard credit card and be rewarded with a LKR 5,000/- discount voucher from Softlogic. We know your worth and we reward you from the start. Learn more


Smart Cheque

Make payments to educational institutions or any other Merchant establishment with your Credit Card. Enjoy repaying the transaction in equal monthly instalments at preferential rates.

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Credit Ease

Transfer outstanding balances from your other bank Credit Cards to your Standard Chartered Credit Card and enjoy convenience and savings

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Easy Pay

Repay Banquet and Medical transactions in equal monthly instalments at rates.

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Help save trees and keep the world greener by choosing to sign up for e-statements.

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SMS Banking

A secure and convenient way to access your account information instantly at any time anywhere

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Pay by Phone

Pick up the phone and pay all your routine bills, even transfer funds and remit money. It’s that easy!

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Do all your banking transactions online from home, office or on the move. Simply log in!

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Safety Net

Pay a nominal monthly premium and cover your Credit Card outstanding balance up to Rs.2 Million

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Smart Wallet

Safeguards yourself against fraudulent usage of your Credit Card in case of loss of your wallet

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Fees & Charges

Annual Fee – Primary Card Rs. 3,000
Annual Fee – Supplementary Card Rs. 1,000
Joining Fee – Primary Card Rs. 500
Joining Fee – Supplementary Card Rs. 500
Cash Advance Fee Rs. 990
Late Payment Fee Rs. 990
Over Limit Fee Rs. 990
Interest rate (Retail and Cash Advances) 2.33% p.m. (28%p.a.)
Interest Free Period Up to 48 days free of interest, provided the previous months total outstanding is paid by the due date in full
Minimum Amount Due 100% fees/charges/interest, 100% of the fixed monthly instalments and 1% of the balance transfers/cash advances/retail transactions or Rs.500/=, whichever is higher or the minimum amount due appearing on your monthly statement.
Payment Due Date from Statement Date 18 Days
Cash Advance % on Credit Limit (Maximum) 50%

Eligibility & Documents


  • Income
    • Applicant should have a permanent job that pays a minimum net income of Rs. 30,000
  • Age
    • Minimum 18 years old


  • You will need
    • Copy of Identification (NIC / Passport / DL)
  • For Salaried
    • Certified latest salary slip or letter from employer confirming salary
    • Proof of variable income for the last 3 months
    • Proof of any other fixed allowance
    • Billing proof
  • For Self-employed
    • Letter from auditor confirming annual Income for the last 2 years
    • Business Registration Certificate
    • Bank statements of the previous 6 months (Company & Personal)
  • In the event more information is required the Bank will contact you

Terms and Conditions