Bonus Miles on Credit Ease

Enjoy up to 5000 Bonus FlySmiLes miles by simply settling your other Bank Credit Card balances with your SriLankan Airlines Standard Chartered Platinum Card with 'Credit Ease'.

How it works

With your SriLankan Airlines Standard Chartered Platinum Card, your credit situation can be eased with great savings. Instead of having outstanding balances with different providers you can transfer all outstanding balances from your other Bank Credit Cards to your SriLankan Airlines Standard Chartered Platinum Card and enjoy convenience and savings.

Key benefits

1000 Bonus FlySmiLes miles for every 100,000 of balances transferred up to a maximum of 5000 Bonus FlySmiLes miles.
No paper work.
Preferential rates.

Key Features

Minimum transaction value: Rs. 10,000.
Maximum transaction value: Available credit limit on your Credit Card.
Repayment: select to repay the transaction in equal monthly instalments with a one off processing fee. Available tenures will be 3, 6 and 12 and and the applicable one off processing fee will be 5%, 6% and 10.5%. Illustration: For a Rs. 10,000 facility,

Tenure 03 06 12
Monthly Instalment (In Rs.) 3,333 1,667 833
One-off Processing Fee (In Rs.) 500 (5%) 600 (6%) 1,050 (10.5%)
Monthly Interest (In %) 0% 0% 0%

Stamp duty: Applicable government levy on the balance transferred.

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