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Addressing all your financial priorities in life.

From everyday banking to long-term investing, we bring you a suite of world-class solutions to help meet your financial needs.

Convenient Banking Solutions

Enjoy the benefits of banking account solutions that provide you with full transactional capabilities, special pricing privileges and higher returns.

Core investment portfolio

In managing your investment requirements, we take a comprehensive portfolio approach with solutions and products customised to meet your individual financial goals, life stages and risk appetite.

Your Relationship Manager, together with a qualified team of product specialists will ensure that you receive the best solutions in hand on the full range of investment, treasury and insurance products.

Comprehensive approach to keeping you informed

We will find the right insurance plan for you to ensure that the wealth you have built up remains protected, and your family’s future is looked after, even in unforeseen circumstances. These range from whole life/universal life plans to endowment plans, term insurance and investment linked insurance portfolios that provide you returns and insurance coverage at the same time.

You will also be invited to client events where we partner leading investment specialists to give you greater insights and regular updates on market trends and developments.

Your Priority Banking Debit /ATM and Credit Cards provide you with global recognition at all our branches and Priority Banking Centres. They also come bundled with a host of unique benefits such as travel and medical insurance, and special retail offers and privileges.

The Priority Banking Debit-cum-ATM Card

The specially designed Priority Banking ATM or ATM-cum-Debit card is your primary global relationship card with the Bank offered to you when you begin your relationship with the bank. The card provides you global recognition at all Priority Banking Centres and branches, and local and international access to your banking accounts.

Within the country, you can use this card to access the full range of Standard Chartered ATMs in your country including ATMs from other Banks which are under the country’s shared network.

Internationally, you can also make withdrawals at all Visa or MasterCard network ATMs at no extra charge.1 Furthermore, you will also enjoy special benefits such as discounts on foreign exchange transactions2 under the Global Rewards program at all Travelex3 locations worldwide.

1 All fee waivers, charges and exchange rates are subject to change at the Bank’s discretion and may be adjusted from time to time. For the latest information on services charges and terms and conditions, visit