Further your returns with Fixed Income Investments

Debt Securities Services provide you the opportunity to invest in a variety of Bonds and Bills to help you diversify your portfolio and achieve your investment goals.

Debt Securities Features

  • Bonds offer diversification and attractive returns

    Diversify your portfolios at attractive returns.

  • Hedge against inflation

    With proper bond selection, you may potentially earn an investment return which keeps pace with or even exceeds the inflation rate.

  • Regular income

    Bond issuers are bound by the terms of the bond to pay out regular coupon income to bondholders (subject to credit risk of the issuer)

  • Yield enhancement

    Bond may offer a better potential return than short-term bank deposits

  • Potential capital gain

    May benefit from potential capital gain from bond price appreciation

  • Coupon payments

    Steady and predictable income from bond coupon interest paid across the bond tenor


All foreign currency and cross border transactions will be conducted only for regulatory designated foreign currencies, and are subject to prevailing foreign exchange regulations.

Products and services are available only in a particular location at the sole discretion of the Bank or the relevant Standard Chartered Group company or associate, subject to the individual terms and conditions on which they are offered and such products and services may be withdrawn or amended at any time without notice.

Eligibility will be subject to investors meeting the Bank’s Investment Suitability Assessment criteria

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