• Receive cash back


    One FULL RUPEE cash back for every Rs. 500 spent with your Debit Card on purchases

  • Discounts and Offers


    Discounts at partner outlets through purchases made using your Debit Card

  • Convenient access to your money


    Withdraw your cash from over 1,000 ATMs locally and 100,000 plus ATMs globally, all at your convenience

  • 1. SMS Banking

    A secure and convenient way to access your account information instantly at any time anywhere

  • 2. Phone Banking

    Pick up the phone and pay all your routine bills, even transfer funds and remit money. It's that easy!

  • 3. i-Banking

    Do all your banking transactions online from home, office or on the move. Simply log in!


Deposit a minimum of Rs. 25,000/- to start your account
Complete the application form and hand over with your NRIC/Passport information
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