Mauritius, an emerging international financial centre

Benefiting from its strategic location between the key emerging trade corridors, Mauritius is emerging as an international financial centre of choice, providing a launching point for both local and international companies looking to invest into the continent. From a mono-crop sugar economy, the country now includes ICT, tourism, manufacturing and financial services as key pillars of its development.

The country is a peaceful, stable and a mature democracy. It is internationally recognized as a business friendly jurisdiction, providing a secure commercial and political environment within a strategic time zone.

Mauritius Key Strengths
  • Mauritius has a stable parliamentary democracy, strong institutions and a diversified economy which offer a secure commercial and political environment. (Ranked 1st in Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance 2013)
  • According to the Global Competitive Index 2013-14, the country is ranked 1st In Africa
  • Forbes has ranked Mauritius 1st in Africa and 29th in the world in the "Best for Country for Business 2013" survey. This survey states that Mauritius has attracted over 32,000 offshore entities and investment in the banking sector alone has reached over USD 1 billion
  • Mauritius is ranked 20th worldwide in the World Bank's ease to do business
  • The country's membership in the Southern African Development Community and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, as well as its multiple bilateral agreements, give Mauritian-based firms preferential access to a number of African markets and hence hundreds of millions of consumers.
  • Mauritius is the only international financial services centre which is also a member of all the major African regional organisations
  • Mauritius is known for being multilingual and more especially bilingual in English and in French.
Our Offering

Liquidity Hub

SCBM's liquidity management solutions can be tailored to satisfy the needs of regional treasuries and payment centres for Africa out of Mauritius.

Trade Hub

SCBM, leveraging on Mauritius as an IFC, supports invoicing and procurement centers with a focus on Africa.

Securities Services Hub

As the Securities Services hub for Africa, SCBM has the capability to support 17 markets across Africa to meet the needs of institutional investors. As a custodian SCBM provides access and support to cater to client investments needs in multiple African markets.


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