Standard Chartered Bank Mauritius celebrates World Sight Day in the presence of the Minister of Education & Human Resources

This year for World Sight Day, staff of Standard Chartered Bank Mauritius conducted vision screening at the Beau Vallon Government School and the bank made a donation of spectacles to children identified with vision problems.

The bank has committed to help tackle preventable and curable blindness among children in Mauritius through a four-year tripartite collaboration with the Ministry of Education & Human Resources, and the Optical Association of Mauritius, to facilitate a nationwide vision screening programme in all government schools across the island. This campaign involves screening approximately 30,000 school children between the ages of five and six from 261 schools across the Island.

Vision screening has been carried out by staff from Standard Chartered Bank with the support of volunteers from the Education Sector. There has been harmonious synergy between the team of the Ministry of Education and the group of volunteers of Standard Chartered Bank for the smooth implementation of the vision screening programme. Standard Chartered Bank's contribution also includes providing spectacles to students classified as hardship cases, as identified by the respective school.

So far, vision screening has been conducted in 73 Primary Schools addressing a total of 4,450 pupils. Some 460 cases have been referred for examination by eye specialists of the Optical Association of Mauritius.

Standard Chartered Bank Mauritius Celebrates World Sight Day

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