Flexi Pay Terms and Conditions

  1. Only credit card accounts in good standing are eligible. You must specify in your application the purchase transaction which you wish to convert to the FlexiPay and the instalment period under the FlexiPay.
  2. The following are not eligible for FlexiPay:
    • Cash advance;
    • Instalment amount payable under other programmes such as Balance Transfer, Easy Payment Scheme, Flexi-on-Balance and Cheque-on-Call/ Cheque-on-Call PLUS;
    • Annual fees;
    • Carry forward balances; and
    • Any other charges by us as provided in our banking agreement.
  3. The minimum amount of any purchase that will be eligible for conversion under FlexiPay is RM500 within a single receipt.
  4. A purchase is eligible for conversion under this FlexiPay if
    • It has been debited to the your credit card account
    • It has been recorded as part of the current outstanding balance due in the current statement and,
    • It has not passed its payment due date at the point of the application.
  5. The approval of your application will be subject to:

    1. The status of your credit card account;
    2. The status of the transaction at the point of conversion;

  6. You may participate more than once in the FlexiPay subject to these terms.
  7. We will open a private label account ("PLC") in respect of your FlexiPay,bearing a serial number starting with 9458-xxxxxxxx-xxxx. The PLC Account will be combined with your existing credit card account.
  8. The existing credit limit approved for your credit card account remains unchanged and will be shared with this PLC Account jointly with all other supplementary card issued with or without a separate credit limit. Your PLC Account will be used to post the monthly instalment amount payable by you. No physical card or PIN will be issued.
  9. On approval of the application, we will debit your PLC Account with the monthly instalment payable, for the duration of the FlexiPay.
  10. If you choose to settle the FlexiPay in full ahead of the agreed term, you must still pay the total outstanding balance. The outstanding balance is the remaining monthly principal payable for the entire term as originally agreed.
  11. If
    • you pay only the minimum payment amount of 5% of the monthly instalment due or RM50, whichever is higher, on the payment due date specified in the statement or
    • we do not receive in full or before the payment due date as specified in the aforesaid statement,

    then we will levy the prevailing finance charge on the outstanding balance of the monthly instalment amount from the due date until the date of full settlement.

  12. If there is an existing standing instruction (SI) to pay your credit card account by using the funds from your savings or current account with us, payments under the SI will include payments to your PLC account.
  13. If your credit card is terminated, you shall settle all balances due under the FlexiPay upon termination. If you fail to do so, the prevailing finance charge will be levied on the outstanding balance.
  14. We are not liable for any inadequate, defective, damaged goods, unsatisfactory services or be concerned with any dispute between you and the suppliers and / or merchants of the aforesaid goods and services. You authorise us to continue to debit the monthly instalment to your PLC Account regardless of any such dispute. This authorisation cannot be revoked. You are responsible to satisfy yourself as to the state and condition of goods and / or services at the time of the purchase.
  15. Regardless the range of effective interest rates as stated here or in the application, we are entitled to vary the interest rates at any time based on our evaluation or review of your credit behaviour from time to time, whether in respect of your borrowings, whether solely or jointly and whether from us or any other parties. Our evaluation and decision to vary the interest rates will be final and conclusive and we are not be obliged to give you any reason whatsoever for such variation.

Extracted from Credit Card Terms