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Premium currency investments masthead

Discover a smarter way to make your investments flourish with the Standard Chartered Premium Currency Investment

A dual-currency investment that gives you more

Have more control over your dual-currency investment with higher yield potential in the ever-changing economic climate.


Gain a higher return potential

How it works

Step 1:
Choose a base currency and an alternate currency.

Let’s assume you have funds of RM250,000 and you do not mind holding New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

Step 2:
Agree on a Target Conversion Rate (TCR) to be applied between the two currencies.

Let’s say the reference exchange rate on the trade date between these two currencies (New Zealand Dollar or Ringgit Malaysia) is 2.4769. However, preferring to be more conservative, you set a TCR of 2.4680.

Step 3:
Decide on your placement tenure.

You don’t need the funds for the next 2 weeks, so you choose a 14-day tenure. At this stage, we will inform you of the confirmed interest rate you will enjoy. Let’s assume it is 15% p.a. for this example.

Step 4:
On fixing day (2 business days before maturity), we will determine whether your funds plus the confirmed interest will be repaid in Ringgit Malaysia or New Zealand Dollar.


Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Ringgit Malaysia weakens against New Zealand Dollar compared to the TCR you have set. It now trades at 2.4900 Ringgit Malaysia strengthens against New Zealand Dollar beyond the TCR you have set. It now trades at 2.45000
You will receive your funds + 14 days’ interest in Ringgit Malaysia

RM250,000 + (14/365 x 15% x RM250,000) = RM251,438.36

You will receive your funds +14 days’ interest in New Zealand Dollar converted at TCR of 2.4680

[RM250,000 + (14/365 x 15%x RM250,000)] / 2.4680 = NZD101,879.40


For example if your Ringgit Malaysia is converted into New Zealand Dollar:

  1. You can wait for the New Zealand Dollar to appreciate back to 2.4680 or higher and then decide if you want to convert the funds back to Ringgit Malaysia
  2. You can remit the funds to New Zealand for your personal use, e.g. to pay for your child’s overseas tuition fees
  3. You can open another Premium Currency investment account with New Zealand Dollar as your base currency and Ringgit Malaysia as the alternate currency, to potentially earn another round of higher interest rates. You may again set the TCR at the same level of 2.4680

Eligibility and Conditions


  • Minimum Investment Amount


  • Protection Criteria

    Not eligible for protection by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM)

  • Net Personal Assets

    Exceeding RM3 million or its equivalent in Foreign Currencies

  • Net Personal Assets Gross Annual Income

    Exceeding RM300,000 p.a. or its Equivalent in Foreign Currencies

  • Total Net Joint Assets with Spouse

    Exceeding RM3 million or its equivalent in Foreign Currency excluding the value of their Primary Residence,

  • Total Joint Gross Annual Income with Spouse

    Exceeding RM400,000 p.a. or its Equivalent in Foreign Currencies

  • Corporate/Partnership that has Total Net assets

    Exceeding RM10 million or its equivalent in Foreign Currency as at the last day of that Financial Year.


  • The actual profit / shortfall is dependent on the relevant price New Zealand Dollar or Ringgit Malaysia at expiration.


  • A Premium Currency Investment is a dual-currency investment that is non-principal protected. It offers the investor the potential enhanced rate of return.

  • An investor must be at least 21 years of age to be eligible to invest in Premium Currency Investment.

  • Residents

    • Malaysian citizens, excluding those who hold a foreign permanent resident and reside abroad
    • Non-citizens of Malaysia who have obtained permanent resident status and reside in Malaysia

    Non residents

    • Any person other than a resident
    • Malaysian citizens with foreign permanent resident and who reside abroad
  • A minimum investment of RM50,000 must be placed for any Premium Currency Investment deal.

    This product is made available only to individuals with (1) net personal assets exceeding RM3 million or its equivalent in foreign currencies, (2) gross annual income exceeding RM300,000 p.a. or its equivalent in foreign currencies, (3) total net joint assets with spouse exceeding RM3 million or its equivalent in foreign currency excluding the value of their primary residence, (4) total joint gross annual income with spouse exceeding RM400,000 p.a. or its equivalent in foreign currencies; or corporate/partnership that has total net assets exceeding RM10 million or its equivalent in foreign currency as at the last day of that financial year.

    The minimum investment amount is RM50,000.

    • Potential to earn higher interest rates than a local Malaysia Ringgit account
    • Short-term investment with tenures as short as 1 week
    • Diversification of investment
    • No annual or management fee
    • Customisable deals
  • Yes. However the costs of early cancellation may have the effect of reducing the amount of principal repayable. As such, it is not advisable to cancel your Premium Currency Investment account deal prior to its maturity.


  • An investor who:

    • Is indifferent to either currency selected
    • Has a need for both currencies
    • Wants to diversify an investment portfolio
    • Is willing to accept exchange rate risks associated with this investment

Terms and conditions


The transaction details above are only indicative of an investment made in Ringgit Malaysia referencing to New Zealand Dollar and is purely for illustration purpose only.

The Day Count Fraction and the correlation between the spot rate and the Target Conversion Rate (TCR), which determines the redemption amount and currency of the pay out at maturity, may differ from the indicative transaction details above depending on the currency pair of your investment.

Premium CurrencyInvestment is not a deposit but an investment product. Unlike traditional deposits, Premium CurrencyInvestment has an investment element and returns may vary. The return on Premium Currency Investment will be dependent, to at least some extent on movements in specified currency exchange rates.

Currency exchange rates are affected by a wide range of factors, including national and international financial and economic conditions and political and natural events. The effect of normal market forces may at times be discounted by interventions by central banks and other bodies including foreign exchange controls being imposed.

At times, the exchange rates and prices linked to such rates may rise or fall sharply. Such rise and fall in rates can result in a loss on the principal sum (in comparison with the amount of the base currency initially invested) if the proceeds are paid at maturity in the alternate currency.

This document does not constitute any recommendation that any person enters into any transaction described or any similar transaction and must be read in conjunction with the Bank’s Product Documents. You may wish to seek advice from a licensed or an exempt financial adviser before making any commitment to invest in this product.

In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a licensed or exempt financial adviser, you should carefully consider whether this product is suitable for you.


The returns on your Structured Product Investment will be affected by the performance of the Underlying Assest / Reference , and the recovery of your principal investment may be jeopardised if you make an early redemption . This Structured Investment is not protected by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia.