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Trading Help FAQ

  • Please refer to our share trading tutorial video in our product page. [put link]

  • To fund your foreign market account you’ll have to convert your funds with LiveFX. Click on LiveFX on the menu to the left in the Standard Chartered app to convert into the foreign currency settlement account of your choosing.

  • In the SmartStocks app, click on More, Market Info and in the second tab would be Market News for you to read. Market News are the key news reading for you for the day.

  • In the SmartStocks app, click on More, Market Info and in the third tab would be Active Movers for you to read. Active Movers are the most active shares for the day.

  • Yes, if you have real time snapshot enabled your price should be real time. You can do this by clicking on the real time snapshot button in the stock page.

  • Market Orders lets you buy and sell a share at the market’s best available price.

  • Limit Orders lets you buy and sell a share at the price of your choosing.

  • As long as your orders are still valid, you can amend or cancel your orders in the Order tab. Click on the share you want to amend and click Modify or delete to change your order.

  • A Day Trade order is an order that cancels at the end of the trading day if the order has not been completed yet.

  • A Good Till Date order is an option for you to set the time limit for your order. For Bursa The maximum allowed time you can keep your order open is 14 days.

  • In SmartStocks, click on the Watchlist tab. By clicking on edit on the top right you can add or remove shares you want to keep track of.

  • Price Alerts are alerts for your shares you can set to trigger when it hits the price you have set the alert for. You can access it by clicking on the More tab and clicking on Price Alerts. Click on Add New Alert, select your share and price parameter to create your alert.

  • Purchasing Power is what you currently have available to buy your shares with.

  • When you click on your order that you have searched for, the top right will tell you if the Market is Mkt Open or Mkt Closed

  • No, you’ll not be able to trade shares from other Brokers. However if you transfer in with us you’ll be able to get full access to all our features and other benefits! Click here (link to Share transfer button/link if possible) to start now.

  • No, you’ll not be able to buy OTC shares but you can sell them.

  • You’ll receive a snapshot of the real-time pricing and data with the share you’re currently on.

  • Reload your page, or clear your cache if required. If there are still issues, contact us at (+60) 3 7718 9898 and our live agent will help you as best we can.

  • Do let us know by calling (+60) 3 7718 9898 , we will try our best to assist you the best way we can.

  • Following the guide to learn how to add more markets:
    1. Log into your iBanking account.
    2. Click Apply and apply for a foreign currency account.
    3. Download the Equity Maintainence form from the form list.
    4. Fill it in and send it to SmartStocks@sc.com, alternatively you can walk into your nearest branch to submit
    5. If there are no enquiries, it’ll take up to 5 business days for your market to be added.

  • Yes, note that when purchasing shares there is a 15% indicative buffer between the cost of your shares and your purchasing power.

  • No, we do not allow the buy/sell/transfer-in of warrants in our SmartStocks system.

  • Your dividends will be credited into your settlement account.

  • No but you can buy the share once it has been listed into the exchange.