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My easier way standard chartered systematic investment technique x y

Regular monthly investments to build up your savings portfolio

A hassle-free 12-month unit trust investment plan

Capture market opportunities regardless of market environment via our Systematic Investment Plan.


Market Views on-the-go

Tap into our global network and resource to analyse financial markets around the world and identify investment opportunities.

Manage market fluctuations to avoid or minimise loss

The Standard Chartered Systematic Investment Technique advantage compared to lump sum investment

Two main ways to invest:

Systematic Investment Technique

  • Contribution averaging over time on a regular schedule
  • No control on the timing but can capture the market regardless of market environment
  • Returns may be lesser but improve the probability to avoid losses


Lump sum investment

  • One lump sum invested immediately
  • Gain control of investment
  • Short term fluctuation and crashes will cause mental stress
  • May get better returns during rising market


Systematic Investment Technique
Lump Sum Investment
Amount (RM) Unit price (RM) Number of units Amount (RM) Unit price (RM) Number of units
1 3,000 1.00 3,000 36,000 1.00 36,000
2 3,000 1.00 3,000
3 3,000 0.90 3,333
4 3,000 0.90 3,333
5 3,000 0.85 3,529
6 3,000 1.05 2,857
7 3,000 0.95 3,158
8 3,000 1.02 2,941
9 3,000 1.03 2,913
10 3,000 0.97 3,093
11 3,000 0.92 3,261
12 3,000 0.90 3,333
Total 36,000 0.96 37,751.90 36,000 1.00 36,000.00

Note :

The table is for illustration purposes only.

Subject to investment risk.
Investment amount may be lower or higher than original capital.
Investment returns are not guaranteed.

How it works

The Systematic Investment Technique helps capture market opportunities regardless of market environment. Besides protecting your money against inflation, it helps manage volatility through 12 systematic entries into the market.

  • Money will be invested into the fund of your choice on the 28th of each month for 12 calendar months
  • Receive 4% fixed cash payout (2% at the end of the 6th and 12th month) – calculated based on total investment amount
  • Plan completed after 12 calendar months

Investment amount: RM126,000
Sales charge 5%: RM6,000 or RM500 per month
Net investment: RM120,000


Investment Suite
Investment amount
Sales charge (5%)
Fixed cash payout (4%)
Investment amount 126,000
1 115,500 10,000 500
2 105,000 20,000 500
3 94,500 30,000 500
4 84,000 40,000 500
5 73,500 50,000 500
6 63,000 60,000 500 126,000 x 4% x 6/12 = 2,520
7 52,500 70,000 500
8 42,000 80,000 500
9 31,500 90,000 500
10 21,000 100,000 500
11 10,500 110,000 500
12 0 120,000 500 126,000 x 4% x 6/12 = 2,520


The table is for illustration purposes only.
Subject to investment risk.
Investment amount may be lower or higher than original capital.
Investment returns are not guaranteed.

Standard Chartered Investment Suite fees and charges


Minimum investment amount RM36,000
Sales charge Fixed 5%, payable monthly
Tenure 12 months
Fixed cash payout (Investment amount x 4% x 6 months) / 12 months
Eligible funds Please check with the Standard Chartered  branches for the latest list of participating unit trust funds at the time of application


This document is not intended to be an offer or invitation to subscribe for or purchase securities. The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed in good faith to be reliable and the opinions, analyses, forecasts, projections and expectations (collectively “Opinions”) contained herein are based on such information and are expressions of belief only.

No representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made that such information or Opinions are accurate, complete or verified and should not be relied on as such.

Information and Opinions contained herein are published for recipients’ reference only. As with any other form of financial product, the financial product introduced herein carries risks, and you may not get back the amount you originally invested. You should be aware that this financial product may not be suitable for potential investors who are averse to such risks, and to consider the fees and charges involved.

You are advised to read and understand the approved relevant documents accompanying and relating to the specific funds (whether prospectuses, information memorandum or deed) for inherent risks of investing in the product. If in doubt, potential investors should seek independent advice.

Investment in this financial product is neither deposited with nor guaranteed by Standard Chartered or its subsidiaries. Accordingly, neither the Bank nor any of its related companies shall have any responsibility whatsoever to any investor for any losses which the investor may suffer as a result of the performance of the product.

Unit Trust schemes and units in such schemes are not insured by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM), and any money withdrawn from an insured deposit for the purpose of purchasing any units in a unit trust scheme is not insured by PIDM.