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Credit Card Acquisition Campaign (Sign-Up CashBack & 15% Petrol CashBack) 2013
1. The Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad ("Bank") Credit Card Acquisition Campaign (Sign-Up CashBack & Petrol CashBack) 2013 ("Campaign") will run from 1 August 2013 until 31 August 2013, inclusive of both dates ("Campaign Period").
2. By participating in this Campaign, participants agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions below.
3. The Campaign is open to New Customers who:
(a) successfully apply for any of the following credit cards (“SCB Credit Card”) with via the Bank’s branches or direct sales agencies during the Campaign Period:
(i) For all Parts of this Campaign:
Gold Credit Card,
Platinum Credit Card,
Preferred World MasterCard Credit Card,
Business Gold Credit Cards,
Business Platinum Credit Cards,
(ii) For only Part A of this Campaign:
Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card,
(b) maintain their accounts with the Bank in good standing, without any breach of the terms and conditions or agreements, throughout the Campaign Period.
"New Customers" mean applicants who have not held any Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad Credit Card, whether as principal or supplementary cardholder, within the past 12 months before the applicant's credit card under this Campaign is issued.
4. The following persons are not eligible for this Campaign:
(a) Permanent and/or contract employees of Bank (including its subsidiaries and related companies) and their immediate family members (spouses, children, parents, brothers and sisters); and/or
(b) Representatives and/or agents (including advertising and Campaign agents) of Visa or MasterCard and their immediate family members (spouses, children, parents, brothers and sisters); and/or
(c) Individuals below the age of 21 years.
5. New Customers whose card accounts are suspended, cancelled, or terminated for any reason during the Campaign Period or within 3 months after the Campaign Period will not be entitled to any cashback or other rewards under this Campaign.
6. To participate in this Campaign, Eligible Customers must apply for a SCB Credit Card and have it approved, all within the Campaign Period (“Successful Eligible Customers”).
7. The Bank’s records of the application and approval dates will be final and conclusive.
8. The Bank will notify successful approved applicants via short messages service (SMS) that their credit card application has been approved.
Part A: Sign-Up CashBack
9. Successful Eligible Customers who applied via the Bank’s branches or direct sales agencies will receive a Sign-Up Cashback in their credit card account, as set out in paragraph 10.
10. Each Successful Eligible Customer is entitled to Sign-Up CashBack as follows:
Card Type CashBack for Application via the Bank's Branches or Direct Sales Agencies only
Principal Gold RM55
Business Gold RM55
Principal Platinum /
Preferred World MasterCard
Business Platinum RM55
Principal Priority Banking Visa Infinite RM55
Supplementary Gold/ Platinum/ Preferred World MasterCard RM30
Supplementary Priority Banking
Visa Infinite
11. Sign-Up CashBack will be credited into the cardholder's credit card account within 30 days from the approval date
12. The approval of each application is subject to the Bank's usual approving criteria and the applicant's eligibility for the respective card types.
13. If a New Customer applies for more than one credit card through any application via the Bank’s branches or direct sales agencies channel during the Campaign Period, he/she will only be entitled to Sign-Up Cashback for one credit card, namely the credit card with the highest Sign-Up CashBack entitlement.

14. If:
(a) the customer breaches any of the terms and conditions of the SCB Credit Card; or
(b) the Bank discovers at any time that the customer did not in fact satisfy the requirements under this Campaign;
the customer loses his/her entitlement to the Sign-Up CashBack and must immediately refund the Sign-Up CashBack to the Bank.
15. This refund may be done by either of the following methods, at the Bank’s discretion, and Successful Eligible Customers agree for this to be done:
(a) the Bank may charge the refund amount to the customer’s credit card account; or
(b) the Bank may debit the refund amount from any current or savings account held by the customer with the Bank.
Part B: Petrol CashBack Reward
16. Successful Eligible Customers who take up any one of the credit cards stated in Clause 10 above as principal cardholder with the Bank will also receive CashBack in an amount equivalent to 15% of their petrol spends ("Petrol CashBack") for petrol purchases made during the following period:
(a) For principal cards approved from 1 – 31 August 2013: Successful Eligible Customers will receive Petrol Cashback until 28 February 2014
17. Petrol CashBack is applicable only for petrol purchases in Malaysia.
(a) Petrol purchases include transactions done at both island pumps and inside petrol kiosks, provided they are categorised by the merchant using approved petrol purchase codes. The Bank will not be responsible for any error in category codes used by the merchant.
(b) The Bank's records of details and dates of transactions are final and conclusive for purposes of this Campaign.
(c) Petrol CashBack is capped at RM48 per month per customer.
(d) In addition, the Bank will pay out a maximum total Petrol CashBack of RM860,000 only from 1 August 2013 to 28 February 2014, across all Successful Eligible Customers, regardless of channel of application("Campaign Cap").
(e) This Petrol CashBack will be credited to the customer's credit card account within 60 days after the end of the transaction month.
18. Each Successful Eligible Customer is only entitled to Petrol CashBack for one SCB Credit Card. If a customer has more than one qualifying card approved during the Campaign Period, then the Petrol CashBack will only be awarded to the higher card type. The order of card types, from lowest to highest, is Gold, Platinum, and then Preferred World.
Mr A applied for a Preferred World MasterCard through one of the Bank's branches which was approved on 19 August 2013 and a Platinum Card which was approved on 15 August 2013.

This means he is eligible for Petrol CashBack for his Preferred World MasterCard ONLY and the Petrol CashBack starts from 19 August 2013 to 28 February 2014, subject to the Campaign Cap as stated in paragraph 17(d).

Mr. A spent a total of RM510 (Platinum) and RM480 (Preferred World Mastercard) on petrol transactions throughout August 2013. His Petrol CashBack will be based only on RM480, where 15% of this amount is RM72.00. However, the cap of RM48 per month will apply, which means that Mr A will receive a Petrol CashBack amount of RM48 for that month. This amount will be credited to his card account within 60 days from end August, namely by 30 October 2013.

Assuming that the Bank has paid out the Campaign Cap amount of RM860,000 across all Eligible Customers by 19 August 2013, Mr. A will not receive any further Petrol CashBack for petrol purchases after that date.
19. Disputed transactions will not be eligible for the Petrol CashBack under this Campaign. Reversals of disputed transactions or cancellation of any transaction will result in the corresponding Petrol CashBack being reversed.
20. If a New Customer applies for several different credit cards under several different campaigns/promotions at the same time, and all his applications are approved, the New Customer is entitled to receive a reward under one promotion/campaign only. The Bank reserves the right to decide which reward is to be given to the New Customer.
21. The Bank’s decisions relating to this Campaign are final and binding on all participants. If any matters arise which are not covered in these Terms and Conditions, they will be determined solely by the Bank.
22. The Bank may vary any of these Terms and Conditions and extend the Campaign Period. Any such change will be announced on the Bank’s website at, and in the Bank’s branches.
23. The Campaign and these Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Malaysia. The participants agree that the Courts of Malaysia have jurisdiction over all matters arising from this Campaign.

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