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"Privileges that are uniquely yours. As your financial partner, we offer preferential pricing on the product needs tailored by your Relationship Manager."

We all have different priorities. If getting the best value for your total relationship with us is your priority, we have a range of differentiating and exclusive benefits to offer you.

Priority Benefits

Total Relationship Rewards

We have structured an innovative rewards programme that lets you earn points not only on your card spend on the prestigious Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card, but on all your banking transactions with us, from savings and deposits, to investments and property loans.

You will always receive preferential pricing on your product needs such as loans, fee waivers on your routine banking transactions and services, and complimentary international fund transfers and withdrawals at our network of ATMs worldwide.

Household Recognition

Your family will will receive the same priority as you do, by enjoying complimentary Priority Banking membership, access to our special centres, teller counters and hotlines, privileged pricing and invitations to special lifestyle events

Priority Service

Dedicated Relationship Team

Your dedicated Relationship Manager supported by qualified product experts and service managers will oversee and manage your total banking relationship with us, always working together to address all your financial priorities

Priority Solutions
visa card

Unique Card Solutions

Our exclusively designed Priority Banking ATM-cum-Debit card provides not only global recognition but also allows you to make international ATM withdrawals at Visa/Plus or MasterCard/Cirrus network ATMs at no extra service charge.

In selected markets, we also offer the unique Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card which comes bundled with a host of unique benefits, special retail offers and privileges.

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