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A truly rewarding relationship

 360 rewards

As your relationship grows with us, more rewards await you. Just charge at least one retail transaction to your Standard Chartered Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card each month to earn 360° Rewards Points in the Total Relationship Rewards.

Here’s how you can earn 360° Rewards Points on your Standard Chartered Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card:

Products 360° Rewards Points earned per month
*Home Loans / Home Financing-i 40 points for every RM10,000 outstanding balance
*Investments 40 points for every RM10,000 average balance
*Current and/or Savings Account 40 points for every RM10,000 average balance
*Secured Overdrafts 40 points for every RM10,000 average balance
*Fixed Deposits /
General Investment Account-i
5 points for every RM10,000 average balance
Standard Chartered Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card For every RM1 spent in local currency (MYR), earn 1 point. For every RM1 equivalent spent in foreign currency, earn 5 points

* The maximum 360° Rewards Points earned a month is 4,000 for each product.
What's more:
There is no expiry to 360° Rewards Points earned.
Earn 5X 360° Rewards Points for all foreign currency credit card charges.
Simply spend once a month to enjoy the 360° Rewards Points.
360° Rewards Points will be credited to the credit card every month.

Note: The conditions of Relationship Rewards is subject to change.


Terms and Conditions



Here’s an example of how you can earn more 360° Rewards Points


Existing portfolio
of accounts

Monthly spend or

monthly average
balance (RM)

360° Rewards
Points earned
360° Rewards Points
earned in one year
(12 months)
1. Home Loans /
    Home Financing-i
RM1,500,000 4,000 48,000
2. Investments RM400,000 1,600 19,200
3. Current and/or
    Savings Account
RM250,000 1000 12,000
4. Fixed Deposits/
    General Investment
RM200,000 100 1,200
5. Standard Chartered
    Priority Banking Visa
    Infinite Credit Card
    spending in
     • Local currency (MYR)
     • Foreign currency
Total points accumulated in a year 350,400*



Rewards you can redeem with 350,400* points


Vouchers Or Air Miles
RM600 worth of vouchers 8,148 air miles (7,500 air miles for a one way ticket to Singapore)

As there's no expiry on your 360° Rewards Points earned, you can choose to accumulate your points and redeem your dream destination, attractive gifts or vouchers for yourself and your loved ones.

Terms and Conditions

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Discover how you can earn air miles and vouchers in the shortest period of time.