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Get extra cash and rewards on-the-go

Cash-On-Call Plus

Get extra cash and rewards on-the-go

Cash-On-Call Plus is here for you

Sometimes having extra cash can come in handy, and we’ve got you covered with Cash-On-Call Plus. On top of that, you stand to win a reward of RM300 cashback when you apply online with a minimum amount of RM10,000. Terms and conditions apply.

Get extra cash with lower monthly repayment

Enjoy a low fixed interest rate of 9.88% p.a. across the flexible range of repayment periods


COC Plus amount (RM)
Monthly repayment (RM)
12 months 18 months 24 months 36 months 48 months 60 months
1,000 91.57 63.79 49.90 36.01 29.07 24.90
5,000 457.83 318.94 249.50 180.06 145.33 124.50
10,000 915.67 637.89 499.00 360.11 290.67 249.00
15,000 1373.50 956.83 748.50 540.17 436.00 373.50
20,000 1831.33 1275.78 998.00 720.22 581.33 498.00


COC Plus Fees and Charges

COC Plus amount
One time cash advance fee
RM1,000 – RM9,999 A Cash Advance Fee of 2% or RM25 (whichever is higher) on approved Cash-On-Call Plus amount
RM10,000 and above 0% fees
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