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Consolidate, review and grow your investments easily with Standard Chartered Just Transfer Wealth programme.

Consolidate, review and grow your investments easily with Standard Chartered Just Transfer Wealth programme.

Consolidate, review and grow your investments easily with Standard Chartered Just Transfer Wealth programme.

Be rewarded greatly for consolidating your investments

From now till 31 December 2019, receive rewards of up to RM5,000 when you transfer your existing Unit Trust/Islamic Unit Trust or Bond/Susuk investments.

Just Transfer Wealth programme

Increase portfolio diversity and unlock liquidity to capture market opportunity.

Rewards Redemption


1. Clients must transfer Unit Trust/Islamic Unit Trust from other banks to Standard Chartered within the Campaign Period; or
2. Clients must transfer Bond/Susuk from other banks and apply Wealth Financing, and invest 50% of the transferred Bond/Susuk value into any Unit Trust/Islamic Unit Trust and/or Bond/Susuk with Standard Chartered.

RM250,000 to RM499,999 From RM750 worth of rewards
RM500,000 to RM999,999 From RM2,000 worth of rewards
Above RM1 million From RM5,000 worth of rewards

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