Deposit & Cash Products

Standard Chartered offers a range of deposit products that give you added value and benefits. Unlike conventional deposits, we sometimes pay discretionary hibah (profit) to provide you with a return on your deposits. We also offer cash management solutions that enable us to manage your cashiers order so you can concentrate on growing your business.


Special General Investment Account-i (SGIA)

The Special General Investment Account-i provides placement on a profit sharing contract with pre-determined profit sharing ratio for greater transparency. The account is Syariah-compliant and is based on the Mudharabah principle. The rate of return is not fixed and will only be known on maturity. Tenures between 1-60 months are available.

(Eligible for protection by PIDM)

Current Account-i

Our Current Account-i for corporate and institutional clients gives you greater convenience in managing your business needs. But what makes our Current Account-i special is the discretionary hibah that we sometimes grant based on the principles of al-Wadiah Yad Dhamanah.

(Eligible for protection by PIDM)

Cashiers Order-i (C/O) For Straight Through Services (STS)

This is a type of cash management solution that is offered to institutional and corporate clients where we will issue C/O's on your behalf. Together with C/O issuance, STS also supports printing of your payment advices. We will take care of your payables while you concentrate on your core business.

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