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Personal financing ii

Enjoy a simple and affordable financing facility that is Shariah-compliant with Standard Chartered Saadiq Personal Financing-i.

A Shariah-compliant financing facility

Enjoy financing up to RM250,000 to fulfill your lifestyle needs, secure a business opportunity or even for a rainy day, with an Islamic financing facility that is designed based on the concept of Commodity Murabahah.

The Islamic principle of Commodity Murabahah

How it works


1 Standard Chartered Saadiq purchases commodities from approved brokers.
2 You appoint Standard Chartered Saadiq as your Agent to:

a. Purchase commodities at a price that includes a fixed profit margin on a deferred payment basis; and

b. Sell the commodities to approved brokers at a price equivalent to financing amount.

3 The proceeds from the transaction will then be deposited into your designated Saadiq Account.

Terms and conditions

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