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It's good when owning a home doesn't compromise your beliefs.


Introducing Saadiq My HomeOne-i financing plan. At Standard Chartered Saadiq, we understand that homeowners have different needs at every stage of their lives. Whether you are buying your first home, upgrading, refinancing or buying a new home as an investment, we have just the right home financing plan, designed to help save half the cost of your home financing.

What is Saadiq My HomeOne-i?
  • Syariah-compliant home financing based on the Islamic principle of Diminishing Partnership (Musyarakah Mutanaqisah).
  • An innovative product that combines a home financing facility with an easy-to-use operating profit sharing investment account (Mudharabah Account), giving you flexibility to control your finances.
*Own your home in half the time

Below is an illustration and example of how Saadiq My HomeOne-i is able to reduce your financing tenure, hence reducing the total payment for home financing by half the cost.

Saadiq My HomeOne-i Chart

Financing Amount: RM350,000
Rental Rates: **BR + 1.00%
Financing Tenure: 30 years
**Base Rate (BR) as at 27 July 2016 is 3.52%

  Traditional Home Financing Saadiq My HomeOne-i
Monthly Instalment Payment RM1,778 RM1,778
Surplus Cash Placed per month Nil RM35,000
Monthly Instalment + Average Daily Cash Amount RM1,778 RM36,778
Financing Tenure Shortened to 0 26.17 years
Total Rental Payable throughout Financing Tenure RM289,922 RM205,765
Rental Savings 0 RM77,047

By placing RM35,000 of average daily cash amount every month, Saadiq My HomeOne-i is able to reduce your financing tenure from 30 years 26.17 years, and thus your total payment for home financing is reduced by RM77,047.

How Saadiq My HomeOne-i works:
  • Rental commitments (i.e. financing amount outstanding, net of Saadiq My HomeOne-i Account credit balance) are calculated on the actual daily balance outstanding.
  • Save on financing costs simply by placing your surplus cash into the Saadiq My HomeOne-i Account. Your surplus cash can now work harder to give you rental savings.
  • The more you place into your Saadiq My HomeOne-i Account, the lower your monthly rental charges.
Saadiq My HomeOne-i benefits:
  • Bigger savings whenever you place any additional surplus cash into Saadiq My HomeOne-i Account.
  • Flexibility to place and withdraw the surplus cash without hassle or hidden charges and no notice or additional documents is required.
  • No fees charged on the surplus cash paid into the account, even when you do not withdraw the surplus cash.
  • Rental is calculated on a daily basis.
  • Potential to earn Mudharabah dividend on your Saadiq My HomeOne-i Account for amounts exceeding the outstanding balance of the financing at Profit Sharing Ratio 1:99 (Customer:Bank).
  • Enjoy 20% stamp duty remission on financing documents for new property purchase. If you are refinancing your existing conventional home loan, enjoy stamp duty waiver on financing documents for the principal portion of your redemption sum.
  • Ceiling rate protection shields you from Base Rate (BR) fluctuations, protecting you from rising financing rates and giving you peace of mind.


  1. One time set-up fee of RM212(for financing above RM100,000) is chargeable during account opening aside from monthly maintenance charge of RM10.60 on your Saadiq My HomeOne-i Account.
  2. Saadiq My HomeOne-i Account is not insured by PIDM.
  3. Effective 2 January 2015, all new individual home/commercial financing applications will be quoted against Base Rate (BR).
  4. Other Terms and Conditions apply. View full Terms and Conditions.
  5. All fees and charges listed are inclusive of 6% GST effective 1 April 2015.

Effective 2 January 2015, all new individual financing applications will be quoted against Base Rate (BR).

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