Visa Platinum Credit Card Features

money easy pay stretch your dollar

Your Platinum credit card comes in NGN. Repayments are made in your local currency using cash or cheque at branches.

card zero interest

Up to a maximum of 50 days.

time regular cash payout

Option to pay as little as 1% of the total spend or ₦5,000*(outstanding amount) plus any (interest, fees, charges and over-limit amount) whichever is higher each month.

device online banking

Settle your credit card bill through the Internet banking or mobile banking platform, using a standing instruction or by visiting any of our branches.

card mastercard

Choose to debit your bank account for the 1% minimum amount due or the total amount due on your credit card.

people call assistance

Will alert you of any unusual card activity giving you added security.

money pay credit card bill

Enjoy much higher credit limit than Gold cardholders.

misc wide range usage

Your purchases are insured against loss, damage, theft or breakage for the first 90 days for up to $1,500 per item, $5,000 per incident & $20,000 max per year.

time flexible tenure 12 months

Purchase protection cover includes an extended warranty for 12 months after purchase.

device convenient banking 24h phone assistance

Bank with us hassle-free from your office or the comfort of your home. Terms & Conditions apply.

Application Eligibility

  • You must have your salary account with Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria
  • You must have good credit bureau history
  • Minimum salary ₦30,000 for corporate organisation employees and government employees
  • Age requirement: Must be above 21 years old

Application Eligibility

  • You must have your salary account with Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria
  • You must have good credit bureau history
  • Minimum salary ₦30,000 for corporate organisation employees and government employees
  • Age requirement: Must be above 21 years old

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Your credit card limit is the maximum amount which is made available on your credit card for your use. This limit is preapproved based on your income and satisfactory credit bureau report.

Your card is automatically enabled for ATM and Point Of Sale (POS). Online (eCommerce) transactions will only be enabled upon a client’s request for transactions on Local sites. Your card will not be enabled for online transactions on foreign sites.

Credit cards are currently not enabled for international use via ATM, Point Of Sale (POS) or online.

There is no charge for withdrawal of cash via the ATM, however, interest on cash advance is charged at 4% of amount withdrawn from the date of withdrawal until the amount is fully settled. You will find the Terms And Conditions on our website.

Just complete our limit/billing cycle change form and send same to your branch with preferred dates. We will then let you know within 24 hours if we can change the dates, or not. More information on salary payment date may be required from you to change billing cycle.

You’ll get your statement twenty days before your payment is due. When you get your statement, please make sure you pay in time for your payment to reach us on or before the due date.

You can pay your bill in a range of ways including:

Online Banking

You can pay your bill by transferring funds from your current/savings account on online banking/ SC Mobile platforms to your credit card account.
When making a payment from Standard Chartered Bank online;

  • Select ‘Credit Card Payment’ under ‘Payments’ in the main menu.
  • Select account from which payment will be made.
  • Select active card.
  • Select payment type –One time or recurring.
  • Select payment amount – statement balance due/Minimum due /Others.
  • Select date.
  • Click next.

By Standing Instruction (SI)

This is automatically set up when your card was issued. There are two SI payment options: the minimum amount due, the total amount due (subject to minimum payment requirements of ₦5,000).unsecured. All that we require is for you to receive your salaries and allowances through Standard Chartered Bank throughout the period of the loan.

If you choose to make an additional payment against a fixed payment, the fixed amount will still be taken in full. But if you make an additional payment against a minimum payment, then your payment will go down by that amount.

The minimum payment is really a safety net to ensure you don’t incur late payment charges. Ideally, you should still make additional payments by other means rather than sticking to the minimum each month.

If you make an additional payment, then the payment will be reduced by the amount of the additional payment.

Please note that any additional payment made within 3 working days prior to your payment due date will not affect your SI amount as the request will already have been sent.

  • On your account you have a total cash withdrawal limit of 50% of your approved credit limit and a daily cash withdrawal limit
  • The daily cash withdrawal limit is ₦150,000
  • Your total and daily cash withdrawal limit is displayed on your statement

The date your payment is due is printed on your monthly statement. The standing Instruction set up on your account will run on the due date. In case you want to make additional payment, please allow 3 working days for us to recieve and process your payment.

If you notice any inconsistency in your bill, kindly send an email to or call our 24-hour Client Careline +234 1 2704611-4. Toll-free number 0800 001 2345, for it to be investigated and resolved.

If you’ve made a transaction and it appears on your statement twice or more, you can either visit any nearby branch to complete a dispute/charge back form or call our 24-hour Client care line on +234 1 2704611-4. Toll-free number 0800 001 2345, for it to be investigated and resolved.

You will receive your statement on your billing date once a month (as long as you have a balance). You will receive your eStatement in your email address with the bank from

Each month you get a statement telling you of your full outstanding balance (everything you have spent plus any interest and charges) and the amount of your minimum payment. You can pay any amount between this minimum payment and your full outstanding balance.

Your card will be stopped from further transactions for any of these situations and charged 1% flat of the due amount.

If your card is over limit as a result of decline in your financial status, you are required to immediately pay the difference; otherwise your next repayment would be 10% of total amount outstanding, instead of 1% minimum amount due.

You can get up to 50 days interest-free on purchases, if you pay off your balance (made on Point Of Sale (POS) or Online) in full each month and spend happen on first day of the cycle.

Note that we charge interest on cash transactions at a daily rate, it means that you can’t avoid interest charges on withdrawing cash. We’ll still charge cash interest on a cash transaction from a previous month if your payments have not been enough to cover the amount of cash that you withdrew plus the interest and fee apportioned to it. You’ll also need to take into account any other transactions you have made i.e. purchases. There may also be interest due for the time between your last statement being produced and the date you received your payment.

Standard Chartered Bank has four Billing cycles.

Start End Payment
5th 5th 25th
10th 10th 30th
15th 15th 5th
31st 31st 20th

Minimum amount due is the amount which you pay to avoid late payment fee. Remember, you will still be charged interest on the remaining unpaid amount. Just that late fee won’t be applied. Total amount due is the total money you owe.

The statement date on your statement cycle is usually the same day as the last day of the billing period. This is the date your bill is actually issued, and your bill will be due twenty days after that. The statement date and the payment due date are not the same.

Payment due dates: Payment is due on either 25th/30th/5th/20th of each month depending on the billing cycle set up for client.

A billing cycle is recurring and is most often set to repeat on a monthly basis. For example, you may get your credit card bill on the fifth day of the month for payment or purchases done from the fifth of the previous month.

Chargeback is a way of getting your money back if things go wrong on your credit card purchases.

You can increase your credit card limit by completing our Limit/Billing Cycle change form and submitting it at the branch. Please note that you can only qualify if:

  • Your Credit Card is active
  • Up to nine months of issuance
  • With at least one transaction in the last three months
  • Current utilization≤ 80%
  • Repayment ratio over three months period should be ≥ 20%
  • Satisfactory bureau report

Yes. Your credit limit can be downgraded if a serious deterioration in your credit behaviour is noticed.

A grace period is the period of time a credit card gives you to pay amount due, without having to pay interest on the new balance. The grace period runs from the end of a billing cycle to the next payment due date i.e.

SCB Grace Period SCB Grace Period
5th 25th
10th 30th
15th 5th
31st 20th

You are allowed to switch On/Off eCommerce functionality on your card by calling contact centre on +234 1 270 4611-4, 0800 001 2345 and request for switch on/off of this service.

However, you will be unable to use card for online transactions when this functionality is switched off.

Supplementary cards is a privilege offered to the spouse, parents or children of the primary credit card holder.

A primary card holder can give cards to their spouse, parents, children or other loved ones.

A primary card holder can request for a maximum of 5 credit cards per principal card.

The limit of the supplementary card is determined by the primary card holder, but this limit will be a part of the maximum limit the primary card holder can get.

The minimum age limit for a supplementary card holder is 18 years.

The primary card holder will need to complete the supplementary card form for each supplementary card holder. Form can be downloaded from our website. The primary card holder can also speak with their Relationship Manager.

Yes. All supplementary card holders will be eligible for exclusive offers and discounts available at partnering Visa Merchant locations locally.

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