• The Visa Debit Card Cashback Campaign is an incentive of Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Limited (SCB Nigeria) aimed at rewarding clients with a percentage of their debit card spend on Point of Sale (POS) and  Online transactions.

  • The campaign is targeted at Visa Debit Card holders in all account segments.

  • All ATM and POS transactions other than cash withdrawals are eligible for Cashback (‘Eligible Transactions’). No Cashback will be paid on ATM and POS cash withdrawals.

  • The Cashback to be paid is based on the amount of each Eligible Transaction, and the percentage is outlined as follows

    Transaction Band Cashback Percentage
    ₦1 – ₦500,000 0.2%
    ₦500,001 – above 0.5%

    Note that the total amount of Cashback payable is capped at ₦5,000 per month

  • The campaign will commence on 01/04/2023 and end on 30/06/2023

  • There is no minimum amount. All cardholders will receive their applicable Cashback amount on any Eligible Transaction.

  • The Bank will collate the Cashback for all eligible transactions and pay the total Cashback amount into each cardholder’s SCB Nigeria account every month during the period of the Cashback campaign.


The Bank reserves the right to suspend, terminate or change the terms and requirements of the Visa Debit Card Cashback Campaign at any time.

The Terms of this Cashback campaign are inclusive of the general Client Terms for operating a SCB Nigeria bank account.

For any enquiries/support, please send an email to or contact us via telephone on  234 1270 4611- 4