Corporate & Institutional Clients

The Bank offers various products to our C&I Clients - our product suite has been designed to meet both the traditional and modern day lending requirements including other offerings.

C&I product suite in Nepal includes:

Financial Markets
Transaction Banking


Short term Money Market loan: It provides either committed or uncommitted lines as flexible form of borrowing to finance day- to-day cash flow requirements generated for normal business activity. This is not intended for financing long term borrowing needs.

Drawing Against Uncleared Effects: For funds drawn on customer's account against cheques (normally in local currency) deposited to the same account but not yet processed and cleared through the cheque clearing system. Repayment will be automatic through the clearance of uncleared cheques.

Overdraft: A revolving facility repayable on Demand, made available in connection with a current account.

Intra-day Overdraft: This is a liquidity line granted for financial institutions and corporates where the client is allowed to overdraw their account during the course of the day with repayment at the end of that business day.

Term Loan: A structured form of borrowing intended to finance specific transactions, usually specific assets and the funding requirements that this generates. These are intended for financing longer term borrowing requirements as opposed to overdrafts that are for the financing of short term working capital needs.

Revolving Term Loan: Term loan, where drawings can be made and repaid throughout the period of the facility. No drawings can exceed the final maturity date.

Specialized Financing: We provide specialized financing solutions to Clients viz. Project financing, Hydro power, Aviation finance, Commercial Real Estate (CRE) lending, etc., depending on the merit of the proposal and subject to the bank's policy guidelines.

Bridging Loans: A structured form of borrowing intended to finance transactions dependent upon a clear, reliable and identifiable source of repayment, usually the sale of assets. They are intended for financing term borrowing requirements as opposed to overdrafts that are for financing of short term working capital requirements.

Structured Trade Finance: Structure Trade Finance is extended to clients to meet their specific funding requirements on a structured mode.

Financial Markets

TRAIN: Standard Chartered TRAIN is an initiative that offers index linked structured deposits, swaps, notes and investor clients. TRAIN products are linked to proprietary indices developed with Standard Chartered and may be principle protected or principal at risk structures.

FX SPOT AND forward: A Foreign exchange transaction that involves the buying and selling of one currency against another at an agreed rate of exchange and amount , with physical delivery of the two currencies on an agreed date , or within a pre-determined period in future.

FX Option (Vanilla): A derivative instrument of generic Spot and forward foreign exchange. This gives clients added flexibility when managing foreign exchange risk , whether for trading or yield enhancement purposes.

Transaction Banking
  • Cash Management
      • Payments
      • Cross Border Payments
        • Telegraphic Transfers.
        • International Bank Cheques/Drafts.
        • Quick Payment Services to Beneficiaries in India.
      • Domestic Payments
        • Local Bank cheques /drafts/Cashier's order.
        • Local Bank Transfers.
        • Book Transfers ( account transfers between Standard Chartered Bank accounts).
        • Payment through Correspondent Banks.
      • Payroll Management

        Managing Payroll for Large Corporate and Institutional Clients including Development Organisations.

      • Payment System Integration

        Straight2Bank - a unique product (Internet based) caters to different levels of customer payment sophistication, including simple online transaction and bulk payment including payroll management via internet. Our in-country specialists are available to help customize a solution that enables you to manage your working capital in more efficient manner.

      • Collections
      • Extensive Clearing Network: our own branch network complemented by correspondent Bank's network.
      • Guaranteed Credit: Standard Chartered Bank Nepal limited can arrange for guaranteed credit (subject to prior agreement) for cheque collections.
      • Quick Collection Services (QCS): QCS enables you to receive your export receivables from India on a fixed date (subject to prior agreement).
      • Domestic Collection Services- enables you to manage your local receivables promptly.
      • Comprehensive MIS: We understand the importance of timely and accurate information regarding account receivables to help you effectively manage your receivables and debtors, and minimize losses caused by delayed receipts and defaults. You can also manage your buyer's requirement and improve inventory management. Through Standard Chartered Straight2Bank (internet Banking channel) - multiple detailed report of your accounts can be viewed in your laptops and desktops in various formats. Tailored collection reports for your local collections can also be sent to you via e-mail.
      • Outsourcing of Collection
          a. Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited supports your complete collection cycle.
          b. Courier pick up service which is available for your cheques from your office , dealers and distributors office.
          c. Clearing of instruments whether local or foreign currency through the clearing houses, directly by Standard Chartered or through Correspondent Bank Network.
          d. Data capture of information.
          e. Reconciliation activities.
    • Liquidity Management
    • Trade Solutions:
      • Imports:
      • Letter of Credit.
      • Import Bills for Collection.
      • Shipping Guarantees.
      • Import Financing (Loan Against Trust Receipt/Loan against imports).
      • Import Invoice Financing.
      • Performance Bonds and Other Guarantees.
      • Exports:
      • Export Letter of Credit advising.
      • Export Letter of Credit Safe keeping.
      • Export Letter of Credit Confirmation.
      • Pre-shipment export Financing.
      • Export Bills for collection.
      • Export Invoice Financing.
      • Supply Chain Financing (Buyer Financing).
      • Letter of Credit Reimbursements.
  • Client Access

    Let our award winning Straight2Bank capability take our business to the next level. This electronic option is embedded with comprehensive security features, flexible authorization matrix, and superior risk management MIS capability to put you firmly in control of your business environment.

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