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Insurance Solutions

As a Corporate Agent of life insurance, general insurance and standalone health insurance companies, Standard Chartered Bank offers you various insurance products.

The insurance products are underwritten by American Life Insurance company limited (MetLife). Click here for available products.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Disclaimers and Terms and Conditions


The Insurance plans are underwritten by American Life Insurance Company (MetLife). The information contained in this site is intended for general customer understanding only and is subject to the terms and conditions of each insurance products and riders issued by the insurance company. Detailed terms, conditions and exclusions are included in the Policy Document. In case of any discrepancy between the information provided in this site and the policy document, the later shall prevail.

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal is a Bancassurance agent of MetLife and does not hold any liability with respect to products MetLife offers.

For the avoidance of doubt, the applicable interest rates, fees and charges and/or any waiver thereof, which are reflected above, are only valid for staff of Standard Chartered Bank Nepal ("Standard Chartered" or the "Bank") during the period of their employment with the Bank. Upon resignation and/or termination of employment with Standard Chartered, the standard and prevailing commercial interest rates, fees and charges shall apply. The Bank reserves the right to vary the applicable interest rates, fees and charges, in accordance with the terms of our banking agreement, as may be amended and/or notified to you from time to time.

"Best rates" means rates that are equal to or better than the rates offered to employees of corporate clients who maintain an Employee Banking relationship with Standard Chartered Bank Nepal. "Simple and fast" refers to the application process for banking products made simpler and faster. "24/7 service" refers to dedicated 24/7 Client Care Centre Service that can be accessed through our staff web portal at sc.com/np/staff.

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