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Promo Terms and Conditions

    1. The Standard Chartered Bank (“SCB”) Samsung LED TV Acquisition Promo (“Promo”) will run from March 01, 2016 to April 30, 2016 (“Promo Period”). Redemption Period is from March 01, 2016 until August 31, 2016.
    2. You can avail of a free Samsung 32” LED TV 32J4303 with Retail Price of Php17,900 (“Promo Item”) if: a) you apply, submit all required application documents, get approved for a SCB Platinum Cash Rewards Credit Card or a Gold Credit Card (“Credit Card”) within the Promo Period; and b) meet the eligibility requirements specified in section B below
    1. To be entitled to redeem the Promo Item, you are required to comply with the following conditions:
      1. You must not be an existing SCB Credit Cardholder. If you have previously held an SCB Credit Card, you can qualify for the Promo if you have closed your card on or before 31 January 2015.
      2. You must apply for a SCB Principal Credit Card and subsequently get approved within the Promo Period.
      3. You are not eligible for the Promo if: (i) you apply and get approved for an add-on or supplementary SCB Credit Card; or (ii) such other cases considered disqualified under these Terms and Conditions.
      4. You must spend at least Php32,000.00 worth of Retail Transaction (“Minimum Spend Requirement”) on your new SCB Principal Credit Card within sixty (60) days from receipt thereof. For purposes of this Promo, a valid “Retail Transaction” means a straight charge retail transaction done in the Philippines in local currency. Cash Advance, EZ Pay (Installment), EZ Bills, Balance Transfer, Smart Cash, other installment transactions and other fees and charges are not considered as valid Retail Transactions under this Promo.
      5. You are required to keep your approved SCB Credit Card active and current for a minimum of thirty six (36) months from date of approval.
    2. We reserve the right to automatically charge you the pro-rated price of the redeemed Promo Item using the formula provided below in case: (i) you cancel your Credit Card within thirty six (36) months from the date of approval or booking, respectively; or (ii) you do not meet any of the Promo eligibility requirements provided in these Terms and Conditions; or (iii) if you made invalid or fraudulent transactions using your SCB Credit Card within thirty six (36) months from the date of approval; or (iv) you fail to keep your Credit Card current and active within thirty six (36) months from date of approval.

      Pro-rated cost = Cost of Promo Item x (36-No. of Months Active)
      36 months

      The pro-rated cost of the Promo Item will be added to any outstanding amounts you incurred through your SCB Credit Card. This remedy is without prejudice and shall be in addition to any legal remedies we may have against you arising from any fraudulent transaction.
    1. You may redeem the Promo Item from March 01, 2016 to August 31, 2016 (“Redemption Period”).
    2. You may redeem one (1) Promo Item for an approved principal Credit Card application. If you are approved for both a SCB Platinum Cash Rewards Credit Card and a Gold Credit Card, you are entitled to redeem only one (1) Promo Item.
    3. You may redeem the Promo Item by calling our Client Care Centre at 830-1111. Confirmation of your eligibility for the Promo and delivery details for the Promo Item (if eligible) will be done during the call.
    4. For processing of delivery requests for the Promo Item, you need to advise our Client Care Centre Officer of your preferred delivery address and contact numbers. As a security precaution, only addresses that are recorded in our system will be accepted.
    5. We have partnered with Automatic Appliances, Inc. / Automatic Center (“Merchant”) to supply and deliver your Promo Item. For this purpose, you authorize us to disclose your name, delivery address, contact numbers and such other necessary information to the Merchant to complete the delivery of the Promo Item to you.
    6. We will deliver the Promo Item within 3-21 days from the date of your redemption request unless otherwise notified to you.
    7. Upon delivery of the Promo Item, you should: (a) show the Merchant an original valid government-issued photo-bearing identification card with your signature (“valid ID”); (b) surrender a photocopy of your valid ID; and (c) sign and surrender the delivery receipt to the Merchant.
    8. If the Promo Item will be received by your authorized representative, he/she must, upon delivery of the Promo Item: (a) present and surrender an authorization letter signed by you; (b) present your valid government-issued photo-bearing ID with your signature and surrender a photocopy of the same; (d) present a valid government-issued photo-bearing ID of the authorized representative with his or her signature and surrender a photocopy of said ID; and (f) sign and surrender the delivery receipt to the Merchant.
    9. Questions relating to the Promo Item including the delivery thereof should be addressed to the Merchant hotline at 470-9208 or 470-9209.
    10. The Promo Item will be delivered to you at no cost.
    11. You forfeit your right to claim the Promo Item if you do not redeem within the Redemption Period.
    1. Your Application is subject to our review and final credit approval, and will be evaluated independently of your eligibility for the Promo.
    2. The Promo Item is non-convertible to cash and cannot be availed of together with any other related Bank or Merchant promos.
    3. You cannot request or require for a change of the Promo Item or upgrade to a different item or model by paying the difference between the Promo Item and the upgraded item.
    4. The Promo Item is covered by a product-specific warranty on parts and services. SCB shall not be liable for any defect in the Promo Item or breach in warranty by the Merchant. It is your (or your authorized representative’s) responsibility to check, inspect and test the Promo Item before acknowledging receipt thereof. Any complaint or issue regarding the Promo Item’s warranty, quality, condition or operability should be raised by you directly to the Merchant.
    5. Our decision related to all matters relating to this Promo shall be final and binding to you, with the concurrence of the Department of Trade and Industry (“DTI”).
  5. Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No. 1774, Series of 2016. Promo is extended until July 31, 2016. Redemption is extended until November 30, 2016. As approved by DTI-FTEB SPD.

1Subject to the Promo Terms and Conditions. Promo Period is from 01 March to 30 April 2016. Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No. 1774, Series of 2016. Promo is extended until July 31, 2016. Redemption is extended until November 30, 2016. As approved by DTI-FTEB SPD.

Standard Chartered Bank is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). For inquiries or complaints, you may contact Standard Chartered Bank at 830-1111 (Metro Manila), 1-800-1-888-1188 (Toll-Free, outside Metro Manila) or the BSP Financial Consumer Protection Department at 708-7087 or e-mail to